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Bart simpson quad
Bart simpson quadBart simpson quadBart simpson quad

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The eldest son of the Simpson family, has convinced his parents to buy a quad with which to walk the streets of Springfield. He already has it in his hands and is eager to start his Adventures aboard this vehicle but, he has never ridden one and we will have to help him control it so that he does not have an accident.
Each level is composed of a stretch of road full of climbs, descents and obstacles that can make you fall from the quad. You must go fast but, above all, sure to get to the finish line. You have ten lives in total to overcome all the levels, if the quad overturns you will lose one and you will be closer to losing the game.
This is why we tell you that speed is not everything, sometimes it is better to go a little slower to reach the goal than to go very fast and finish with your body on the ground.
Help Bart Simpson in this new adventure, in which he will leave behind his skateboard and bike, and will focus on his new and shiny quad.
Enjoy the game Bart simpson quad, it's free, it's one of our the simpsons games we've selected.

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