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Arkanoid: knights and ogres

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Arkanoid: knights and ogres Game

  • Arkanoid: knights and ogres
  • Arkanoid: knights and ogres
  • Arkanoid: knights and ogres
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How to play

How to play Arkanoid: knights and ogres free, no downloads

A new version of the classic Arkanoid is available on our website. It is an adventure of kings and knights in which you have to fulfill the mission has tasked you your master. The prince wants to go to the castle of his father but knows that the road is full of monsters and ogres can kill it. Therefore, he commanded thee that punts the way and he can undertake the journey. You need to use the ball to hit all the enemies while avoiding falling but want to lose one of your lives. Collect coins and gems to buy new upgrades that will help on the trip. You can get items to help you like a magnet to collect coins for you, an army behind your ball to avoid falling and much more. Are you ready for this mission?

Controls to play

player 1 Mover ratón move,

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