Ant: Transportation

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  • Ant: Transportation
  • Ant: Transportation
  • Ant: Transportation

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This ant just ransacked the refrigerator in this house and has to drive his little truck to the burrow to carry all the products he has gotten. It seems easy but the truth is that the road is full of obstacles, potholes and other objects that will complicate our mission a bit. You' ll have to go fast, but also be careful not to lose the merchandise along the way. If you lose all you must start over from the beginning, if you arrive with something you can pass level but your score will be lower. Ideally, do not lose anything along the way and take all the loot to the burrow. Ant Carriage is a fun game where you join driving with caution.
Ant: Transportation belongs to those vermin games that we have selected for you.

Controls to play

player 1cursores move,

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