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  • Android football
  • Android football
  • Android football

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A new game based on the Star sport, football, is available for your enjoyment on our site. Now you can test your ability to score goals with this fantastic minigame. Try to beat the goalkeeper getting fit ball at the back of the net. You can get different points depending on where you mark, so try to go for the maximum. If the goalkeeper for the shot can take advantage of the rebound to surprise and dial. If the ball goes out the round will be finished and will not get score. Try to score in each round to earn points and set good score as a personal brand. Remember that you have the version for two players in which you can retaros to see who wins. To one it will pass to the goalkeeper, for it will use the keyboard, and the other is the player, it will use the mouse. Who will win?
Android football belongs to those football games that we have selected for you.

Controls to play

player 2 _r2 hitting

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