Alien Cocktail

Alien Cocktail
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Alien Cocktail
Alien CocktailAlien CocktailAlien Cocktail

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This little alien has created a business on his planet and it is a place for cocktails in which he must create the best combinations of beverages to succeed. To make these drinks we will have to carry out a game of a game very similar to Doctor Mario. Do you remember this classic game? In it you had to join the pills joining the colors, putting together four you made them disappear. Well, we will do the same but with the ingredients of the cocktails. Join the squares of the same color to get the necessary ingredients to create the cocktail in each of the levels. If you get it you will go to the next level, otherwise you will have to try again. Enjoy Alien Cocktail and create the best drinks from outer space.
Enjoy the game Alien Cocktail, it's free, it's one of our alien games we've selected.

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