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Aim and shoot in the snow
Aim and shoot in the snowAim and shoot in the snowAim and shoot in the snow

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Your army has just started a great war in the north and you will have to fight against the enemy as well as with the cold and the snow. They have passed a tip that the enemy army is going to attack your base and you will be in charge of eliminating them all before they do too much damage to your infrastructures. Situate yourself on the highest side of the mountain and start firing at all the enemies that are arriving before it is too late and destroy your base. Finish the first wave of enemies and wait for the next ones that are in the next levels. Each time they will be more numerous and better armed, so you must get points to improve your arsenal of weapons and face the most difficult levels.
Enjoy the game Aim and shoot in the snow, it's free, it's one of our Gun games we've selected.

🎮 Controls to play

player 1Click ratón shoot, key r recharge

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