13 more days in hell

13 more days in hell
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13 more days in hell
13 more days in hell13 more days in hell13 more days in hell

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13 more days in hell is a fantastic game of first-person shooter where you have to carry out different missions that put you the guardian of the place. Thirteen levels corresponding to thirteen different days that give name to the game. You must collect weapons you find along the way to kill the lost souls circulating in this place. You can also collect money and healing potions that will help a lot throughout the game. With the coins you get either found or kill enemies, you can buy more potions and ammunition carried out your mission. Alternate arms when you run out of bullets and you should be very aware of the time to recharge to not run out of bullets at a bad time. Once the task done you must find the exit to end the day. Will you be able to survive?.
Enjoy the game 13 more days in hell, it's free, it's one of our Horror games we've selected.

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