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57 Wii Games

Finally one of the most played platform games, The Incredible Prince of Persia flash for all our friends. Sprint across rooftops and dodging Persia killing all enemies. Prince of Persia
Great game which blends escape games and shooting games. If you are a gangster who will give you missions, like kill important people in society Hitstick 5
Incredible battle game cross country, where you have to go rescue some prisoners of war, enslaved by evil pirates. Battlefield 2
Play this fun game of Mario. In the world of Mario are all fat because of junk food. Mario must rescue the princess but has to run to lose weight to get inside the pipes Mario Gordo
Enjoy playing another fun game of Mario Kart. You have to choose the most desirable character and you have to be the first to unlock new screens Mario Kart
Play this fun game based on the Mario game Mario Karts. Choose the desired character in Mario World. Mounted on the karts and you have to be among the first three to the next level Super Mario Race
Prevents the rabbits from invading your room, you will crush them and prevent them from entering without your consent ... will have the option of using your own webcam or Play with the computer. Evil Rabbits
Great platform game where our friend Shin Chan has to become ultra hero and many animals to complete the level. Your mission is to collect all the diamonds are on the screen Shin Chan, transformer
Wii is a soldier well-prepared for war but will have to prove it. Take the gun and shoot all the soldiers you encounter. Be quick or it will hurt you. The soldier wii
Play the latest version of Super Street Fighter flash. You have to fight against the most dangerous opponents of the Street Fighter accompanied by a companion of your choice Super Street Fighter
Play fun game of Super Mario Kart with better graphics and gameplay. You have to break boxes to get new weapons and shoot the evil that is in front of you New Super Mario Kart
Enjoy the new car skidding with Mario in a race against time. You have to overcome the time set for the next level. Try not to crash your car not to stop Super Mario Bros: Drift
Interact with Donkey Kong riding his new bike where it needs to find his friend Diddy Kong. Your mission is to reach the bottom of the screen collecting as many bananas as possible. Be careful with killing traps Donkey Kong on a bike
Help our friend Mario to win the big tournament minigolf. Hit the ball so you can collect all the mushrooms on the screen and pocket the ball into the pipe where the star Super Mario Minigolf
Play another fun game of Super Mario Bros as you`ve never played a flash game. You have to rescue your princess and for this you must collect all the stars of the screen to unlock the doors Super Mario 3
Our friend returned back to Bomberman to deliver numerous explosive bombs. You have to plant bombs to clear the way towards the exit, but beware that the pumps are highly explosive and can destroy Bomberman: Baatman
Help Willy Fog has to turn around the world in eighty days playing the classic game of jewel. You have to remove objects to the next level. Take advantage of the bonds to facilitate the move Jewel in 80 days
Play the new Super Mario game with 3D Cart more new characters and instead of driving a classic Mario kart driving a shopping cart. You can play free racing championship mode or you can choose Super Mario 3D cart
Play the new Super Mario game with impressive graphics quality. As in all Mario games your mission is to rescue the princess and for this you must go through a world full of adventure and kill dangerous creatures Super Mario Challenge
Step into the shoes of our friend Sonic to beat all the levels. In this game instead of collecting rings have to collect stars and kill giant snails. When you get all the stars have to find out Sonic 6

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