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Help Homer Simpson has to rescue his family who are trapped in the police truck and has therefore decided to conduct a wrecking machine. Use the arrow keys to hit the police truck and throw as far as possible

Games The Simpsons: wrecking ball

The Simpsons: wrecking ball
It has very little time to put out the flames of a fire that occurred in this building. Many lives depend on you!

Games Fire department rescue team

Fire department rescue team
Have a good time playing this fun Lego mini where you have your helicopter equipped with the necessary tools for each mission

Games Lego: Rescue helicopter

Lego: Rescue helicopter
Hurry and fill the water tank fire truck to serve a very urgent service because a house is on fire and there are people inside. Your mission is to be on time and pay the flames of fire without anyone getting hurt

Games Fire truck, emergency

Fire truck, emergency

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Mei mei dei dei have a problem, the ship is sinking! Hurry, mounted on the sea rescue helicopter and rescue all survivors ship

Games Rescues in North Sea

Rescues in North Sea
In this fun adventure game you are a rabbit that has to rescue the princess from the castle. You have to collect all the carrots as possible and find the exit door. Use the harpoon to climb to different levels

Games Rabbit rescues the Princess

Rabbit rescues the Princess
Phineas Ferb must rescue in this fun adventure game. Collect all the keys on the screen to open the doors, you can shoot with your powerful gun

Games Phineas Ferb rescues

Phineas Ferb rescues
Popeye must hurry to rescue his girlfriend Olivia before the evil Brutus can kidnap her. Walk around the ship for Olivia but be careful of the traps that placed the villain of Brutus

Games Popeye rescues Olivia

Popeye rescues Olivia
Help our friend Super Mario to rescue Sonic the terrible trap that has been prepared by Dr. Eggman. Sonic is about to die, but you have to help save his life. You have to launch arrows at the rope to free Sonic

Games Sonic Super Mario rescues

Sonic Super Mario rescues
Boots Swiper to shut up in a cage with three different keys and now Dora the Explorer have to get the three keys to open the cage door which is locked Boots

Games Dora the Explorer Boots rescues

Dora the Explorer Boots rescues
Help our friend SpongeBob has to rescue his friend Patrick. You have to collect all the food you find in each level and do not forget to rescue Patrick

Games SpongeBob rescues his friend Patrick

SpongeBob rescues his friend Patrick
Rigby has to advance levels fighting enemies in order to rescue his friend Mordecai. You have to walk through the museum and use the punch of death to snatch enemies

Games Regular Show Mordecai rescues

Regular Show Mordecai rescues
Have a good time playing this fun Lego mini where you have your helicopter equipped with the necessary tools for each mission

Games Lego: Rescue helicopter

Lego: Rescue helicopter
Attempts to rescue the lovely doll and his sheep, but with a piece of rope and a roll. Interact with the arrow keys to make the swing with the rope.

Games Toy story: Buddy to the rescue

Toy story: Buddy to the rescue
They have kidnapped Spiderman`s girlfriend, Mary Jane, now you have to move forward through the jungle shooting all enemies camouflage themselves among the weeds and do not forget you have to rescue your girlfriend Mary Jane

Games Spiderman saves Mary Jane

Spiderman saves Mary Jane
As stated by the title, this game will have to rescue people who are in the burning buildings.

Rescue people from fire
Play this addictive game where you have to get the lifeguard wet as soon as possible

Super Splash
In this game you work as a firefighter and you will be the decision-maker, there are several buildings on fire and you must make important decisions

Fire Fighter
Drive the helicopter and rescue all the innocent people in the middle of this brutal war as soon as possible.

Global Rescue
Manage this courageous mouse called super super M and rescues his beloved from the clutches of evil kidnappers.

Marie Jane has been kidnapped by the horrific Venom, put on the skin of Spiderman and Marie Jane rescues.

Rescue Marie Jane
Action game style Metal Slug where you must kill all the soldiers.

Save the fallen
Funny game where you rescue Zoey who is captured by a terrible monster.

Zoey 101
Funny game where you must rescue your girlfriend who is in the tower.

Fascinating marine adventure with our friends Bob and Paricio. Dodge as much as possible, I warn you not so Fáil.

Sponge Bob to the rescue
Nothing more to start a day of work, has left an SOS in the ocean. It shows what you can do with a helicopter and a specialist in movement jump ship.

Rescue 2 helicopters
Rambo has a new mission to rescue his friends who are prisoners. Shoot all the enemies with your powerful weapon and if they are very close to you use the knife, do not forget to rescue the prisoners

Rambo to the rescue
Here we leave this awesome game of American Dragon. Interact with the arrow keys for movement, space bar to become a dragon or human, B stands for the struggle and the N key to action.

American Dragon high-risk rescue
Get this cute puppet quench all the fires that you designate, to move to the next level. The movement is with the cursor and release the water with the hose we click the left mouse button.

Firefighter to the rescue
Mario has to go to rescue the princess, fire snowballs at the enemies to form them into a big ball of snow. Once you push the ball formed to destroy the enemy and other.

Snowy Mario
You pilot a rescue helicopter and you have been given a mission by the city. Interact with the arrow keys to move the helicopter and the spacebar to guide the other way.

Helicopter rescue in the city
Disney game where Flounder is in danger, I want to hijack stripes. But our friend Ariel has caught the trident of Poseidon to save it.

Flounder Ariel to the rescue
Has been a few new toys Andy`s room in the Disney movie Toy Story. But it will take a series of tests if they want to stay.

ToyStory 3 marbelous
You are a powerful knight who must rescue a princess from the clutches of a fearsome dragon. How? Then you have to pick a rose and a book, once collected you can go next to the princess to come to the rescue.

The Princess and the Dragon
Fun game of the TV series Dora the Explorer. The wicked witch to the prince kidnapped and imprisoned in a castle. Dora and Boots must rescue the Prince and overcome the evil witch traps

Dora and Boots to the rescue of Prince
Play this fun game of our friend Dumbo. Dumbo should leave the audience open mouth with your new number. You have to fly with his huge ears without burning with fire and without colliding with the clowns that are in the building

Dumbo at the circus

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