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Super Hero Squad tells the story where Iron Man destroys the Infinity Sword just before Dr. Doom got unlimited power to dominate the universe. But the sword can not be completely destroyed, several pieces that fell thrown over town hero geomtrica. Para acquiring any way prevent evil rena these fragments and re-forge the Sword of Infinite Partien, the Captain America rene a escuadrn of superheroes to find them. This escuadrn estformado by Iron Man, Falcon, Hulk, Reptile, Silver Surfer, Thor, Wolverine, Ms. Marvel and the Witch Escarlata. Aunque also appear by other heroes in a timely manner to help the squadron No, these Sern the main members lucharn this time against evil. Since not only Doctor Doom estdetrs fragments, Dark Surfer and Thanos also intend to find them. If any of these three supervillains are made with the sword the universe as we know it end.