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Goku and his friends need you to help him fight the most dangerous tyrants Galaxy. You can choose to play in story mode or in free mode

Games Goku Super Saiyan 3

Goku Super Saiyan 3
Iron Man has installed some new engines to fly faster. Flying at full speed with our friend Iron Man over the nine

Games Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3
Great fighting game where all the superheroes to choose from. Choose your favorite character and fight against Marvel superheroes

Games Marvel Fights

Marvel Fights
Super Saiyan Goku Play vs. Vegeta in the final battle, but you have to start from scratch when Goku was a kid and find the seven magic balls. In this game there are new characters

Games Super Saiyan Goku vs. Vegeta

Super Saiyan Goku vs. Vegeta

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Play this new game from the Super Hero Squad dispute kart where large kart race. You can pick up weapons and launch them at your opponents to make it easier to win the race

Games Super Hero Squad: Kart

Super Hero Squad: Kart
Get complete this puzzle of Super Hero Squad to see the final image. Interact with your mouse to place the pieces in place.

Games Puzzle of the Super Hero Squad

Puzzle of the Super Hero Squad
Now you can create your new super hero with this new game where you can dress in the clothes of the superheroes we know. Create your own style

Games Create a new Super Hero

Create a new Super Hero
Great game where you can choose the girl you like and turn it into a super hero. Choose the models you like and changes color as you please

Games Dress the girl Super Hero

Dress the girl Super Hero
Defend the area where your base is sitting alien military. Create soldiers, tanks, robots, ships, etc. and send it to destroy the enemy base.

Games Auriga Squad

Auriga Squad
You are the commander of a military squad robot and have an important mission: You have to explore this strange spaceship and kill all the aliens. Play the tutorial to interact with these robots

Games Squad Xeno

Squad Xeno
Play Stickman new sniper missions. Travel to the Middle East to stop the war and sow peace of all countries of the world

Games Stick Squad

Stick Squad
Great strategy game where you have to place your soldiers in combat position and protect the area from all enemies. Earn money to buy new weapons soldiers and assign new

Games Cobra Rescue Squad

Cobra Rescue Squad
Enjoy playing this fun Lego game where you pick your favorite Ninjago mercilessly shoot all enemies. Use the mouse to play this fun game of Lego

Games Lego: Ninjago Galaxy Squad

Lego: Ninjago Galaxy Squad
Another animation this time to heroes and villains of all classes, all against all, where Bin Laden to appear from the street fighter.Recomendada characters.

Games Hero War

Hero War
The second installment of War Hero, another fight of all against all between villains and heroes, but this time more fun with new characters and skits.

Games Hero War II

Hero War II
You are the best in the school with the katana. And the teachers will go to test with some hired mercenaries. Interact with the letters A, D, W, S for movement and the J, K for the bumps and jumps.

This young hero wants to show that despite being small can use his strength to protect humans, but first you must visit her friend who is in the last level. You have to go flying and dodging all the obstacles you encounter

The Little Hero
This game is like removes evil bees who want to steal your honey, he must fight to the death to defend your valuable honey

Hive Hero
Immerse yourself in this fascinating war game where you drive an armored tank and you must destroy all your enemies.

Hero Tank
Play nero the hero and rescue the world from alien attack that the planet is suffering

Nero the Hero
Here we give you the opportunity to use this game to create a being feared. Of course! Indicates that you are going to fear the bad guys.

Ben 10 Hero Matrix
You`re a hero in your country to save to a family who were abducted. Now they`ve kidnapped your president and I have sent to save him. Interacts with the mouse to shoot and aim, the space bar for the window, and the A and S to esc

Sniper Hero
Defend your home of primitive beings, they do not come in peace. Throw it rocks to the head with a crossbow arrow or when you`ll have everything unlocked a weapon.

Castillo Hero
Poachers have kidnapped all animals from Africa and now you have to break all the cages to free them all. Rescue all animals before it`s too late

Giraffe Hero
Again they have kidnapped Princess Mario Bross and now you have very little time to rescue her from the deep dungeons of the castle. Avanza levels killing enemies and overcome all the obstacles you encounter on the road

Mario Hero
In this funny game you have to rescue your girl from the evil samurai. You have to collect all the keys and meet the angel that leads to the next level. You have to collect all the keys without touching the enemies. Luck!

Kung Fu Hero Escape
Great game where Santa Claus has to get all the toys and batteries for it will have to fight the snow elves and snowmen, all for a purpose that all children in the world can have a new toy for Christmas

The hero Santa Claus
Again Ben 10 has to save us from the evil monsters that threaten to destroy our society. Use the new mutation of Ben 10 to make new combos and exterminate these tyrants. Good luck!

Ben10 Omniverse Hero United
In this game you have to conquer northern Europe Viking killing as many as you can. You have to throw stones at vokingos strengths so that you eliminate all

Siege Hero Viking Vengeance
Play this fun adventure game based on the great Zelda. You can choose between a boy and a girl to complete all missions in a world of adventures

Minimum Sages Tower Hero
Manage this courageous mouse called super super M and rescues his beloved from the clutches of evil kidnappers.

Parody dedicated to politics, rather directed to the ZP and the intricacies that surround it.

Super Zp
Shows that parents also can become a good babysitter. Go interacting across all games related to the care of a child.

Super Dad
In this superhero game you have to run over a moving train and your mission is to get to the engine room and rescue citizens in distress

Super Boy
You`re a dinosaur egg and you have to protect the robots that want to kill you. Great action- platformer game where you have to shoot the robots and dinosaurs transform into a devastating machine capable of destroying any future

Super Egg
Babysit Great game where you have to help this super mom take care of their babies. Play the tutorial to know how to handle this super mom

Super Mom 2
Play this addictive game where you have to get the lifeguard wet as soon as possible

Super Splash
Another very entertaining version of Mario where you must collect coins go to your purpose.

Super Mario 63
Play this game Motocross, must overcome a very difficult terrain to reach the final round.

Super Bike X
Your mission in this game is nothing more nor less than, matching color to color, and go up phase.

Super Blux

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Great fighting game where the best fighters compete better known for the games. You have to choose the most desirable character and fight with the most powerful opponents

Superheroes vs Manga
Find all stuffed superheroes that are hidden in this store. Try to find all the stuffed animals before time runs out. Compare your result with the other fan

Search the plush of the Superheroes
Born new superheroes with super powers and all are in this game. You have to protect the city of thieves and above all do no harm to the innocent. Your mission is to kill all the enemies with your super powers

New Superheroes
Do you want to accept a table tennis tournament competing with superheroes video games? Now you can compete with Mario, Batman and Ben 10, you choose where you want and with whoever you want

Table tennis with the Superheroes
In this game you have to choose your favorite superhero car and destroy all the cars of your opponents. The last car left alive is the winner

Car Battle superheroes
Superheroes nustros also want to participate in the World Cup in Brazil. Play soccer with superheroes and tries to win the competition. Eb this world anything goes, no rules, the team scoring the most goals wins. You dare!

Soccer World Superheroes