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One of the most successful film franchise of science fiction is Star Wars, this particular universe where good and evil fight to dominate. On one side are the Jedi Knights who try to bring peace to the galaxy, while on the other hand only want to destroy the Sith and submit to His eternal voluntad. Lo differentiates Jedi or Sith, regardless of their race is their affinity with force. Strength is the ability to perceive and interact with the world and get an effect on l can be used to defend, attack, or other options. According to the little that we are able to fight with the clone troopers against the trade federation droids and or will fight against the Empire and Darth Vader. Traer peace to the galaxy is not easy so we use our laser powers and saber is necessary, but in our hands join estel light and help those in need. Or succumb to the darkness that dwells within us and become an evil Sith.