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After a visit to the laboratories of Oscorp Industries, Peter Parker was bitten by a genetically modified spider which will transfirisus powers. But as if to ben says, with great power comes great responsibility, this is something that Peter aprenderde as cruelly decides to use his powers to win a wrestling tournament clandestina. Pero you do not get to pay as agreed and when a thief steals money does not stop him, but fate made this thief stole his car to Ben and he dispararmatndolo. Then emprenderun in the way of righteousness to overturn all evil who want to DAOA people of his city, whether thieves, gangsters or psicpatas the mission of Spiderman catch them all and make them good recaudo. Para this contarcon the powers of cobwebs, a sense that avisarde arcnido any danger before it occurs and all combined with an incredible agility besides these powers will allow climb walls.