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The msrpido blue hedgehog Sonic planet is called, is able to go msrpido a missile and fight the evil Dr. Robotnik animals to save the planet from extinction. But not just that because this particular heroic hedgehog has an adventurous spirit who llevarconstantemente to travel the world in search of new aventuras. Incluso when facing the evil robots doctor does so with a smile, as loves strong emotions. Although his assistant Tails is the opposite, with an air more worried faces situations with an initial fear but is able to use all its value if the situation so requiere. Tails is a fox with two tails great intelligence, so it becomes an inventor able to create the most advanced ymquinas ships. It is also able to grapple like sonic and although not as fast can fly using its two tails like a helicopter. nete furry these two heroes in the salvation of the animal world and the fight against Dr. Robotnik.