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Play this fun puzzle game GTA San Andreas game. All parts of this puzzle are disordered and have to form this unique puzzle. Try to make the puzzle as quickly as possible to achieve the highest score

Games San Andreas Puzzle

San Andreas Puzzle

Doraemon and Nobita have to collect all the food in each level before it is too late. They can help each other to collect all the food. Have fun!

Games Doraemon and Nobita collects food

Doraemon and Nobita collects food


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Play this great puzzle game of the Disney film Ice Age 4. You have to click with the left mouse button to move the piece desired, you can also rotate the piece by pressing the Ctrl key and left mouse button

Games Ice Age 4: Puzzles

Ice Age 4: Puzzles

In this game you have to create a building with pieces that offer at each level. You have to put all the pieces without dropping any. Enjoy!

Games Puzzles


In this fun game you have to complete all the puzzles of each level in the shortest time possible. If you like cars sure you will like this game!

Games Car Puzzles

Car Puzzles

Try to make this superb puzzle game played on the web. Try to make this puzzle as quickly as possible

Games San Andreas: Puzzles

San Andreas: Puzzles

Here is a great puzzle game where you have to complete dozens of puzzle of this superhero with his friends. Choose the difficulty and complete all the puzzles in the shortest time possible

Games Superman Puzzles

Superman Puzzles

Have a good time completing all the puzzles of the Transformers. There are three different game modes. So come to find out!

Games Transformers puzzles

Transformers puzzles

Enjoy making these puzzles from the movie Transformer. You have to make puzzles with the help of the mouse, selecting the piece to change the place where you think it can be. Try to do it as fast as possible

Games Turn 3: Puzzles

Turn 3: Puzzles

Homer Simpson wants to create these nine puzzle, but without your help it will be impossible. Help our friend Homer to build the nine puzzles. Choose the most desirable and complete puzzle as quickly as possible

Games Puzzles 9: Simpsons

Puzzles 9: Simpsons

Play a new style of puzzles. You have to find the pieces of puzzles that are equal to complete the puzzle. Try to build as quickly as possible for a high score alcazar

Games SpongeBob: Puzzles

SpongeBob: Puzzles

Make this fun puzzle round of the Monster. You have to look first at the image and then placing the pieces go into place. If you succeed you will see the following picture of the Monster. Interact with the mouse

Games Puzzles of the Monster

Puzzles of the Monster

Play this fun game of Mario where you have to join all pictures same to remove it and you will see the image behind it. Interact with the mouse

Games Mario Puzzles

Mario Puzzles

Batman has a new mission, complete all the puzzles of order. Help Batman complete the puzzle to the next level. You have to click the piece you want to move

Games Batman puzzles

Batman puzzles

Have a good time playing this fun puzzle game where you can see images very funny TV series SpongeBob. Please complete the puzzles in the shortest time possible

SpongeBob: 10 Puzzles

If you like puzzle games this game you`ll like because you get to build all the puzzles of the most watched series on television as the Simpsons

Simpsons Puzzles

In this puzzle game you have to think about what you have to do to make the cookies reach the mouth of the man on the left side of the screen

Puzzles: Logic

In this game of Despicable Me 2 have to put the pieces of each puzzle in the shortest time possible. Turn the pieces to match my image Despicable 2

Despicable Me 2: Puzzles

Have a good time Johnny completing the puzzle, you can choose the difficulty level that you wish more

Johnny puzzles

Have a good time playing this fun game where you have to eliminate Jeweld all colored cubes

Jeweld Puzzles

You know who are the Croods? Surely if, now you can have a great time playing this fun puzzle game where you have to complete all the puzzles, it will become increasingly difficult to complete the puzzles

The Croods: Puzzles

In this game you have to ingeniártela for the ball to reach its destination with the pieces that each level gives you

Isoball puzzles

Play another fun puzzle game Fandejuegos with images of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Complete the first level and type your name. Each level is more difficult to complete

GTA San Andreas: Puzzles Fandejuegos

Able to put all the pieces of this puzzle cartoons of Disney Mickey and Minnie. To place the pieces you use the mouse.

Mickey and Minnie Puzzles

Make these beautiful puzzles of this famous Justin Bieber. You will have limited time to do it and the next level. Make no mistake these puzzles and see him. Interact with the mouse

Justin bieber Puzzles

You have to do this puzzle barbie pegasus in the shortest time possible and you will see the following images from the movie. Interact with the mouse

Pegasus Barbie puzzles

Links all the pieces of this puzzle and you get an incredible picture of all the Power Rangers. Try to make this puzzle as quickly as possible and enter your score on our Facebook page

Power Rangers: Puzzles

Complete all levels in this puzzle game with images of Saints Row. Form the puzzle in the shortest possible time and then write your name with your score

Saints Row: Puzzles Fandejuegos

Family fun puzzle Gumball. Try to complete all levels in the shortest time possible and do not forget to write your name

Gumball: Puzzles Fandejuegos

Complete this puzzle of Spiderman shaking hands with President Obama. Press the red button at the bottom left of the screen. Try to complete the puzzle in the shortest possible time

Spiderman vs Obama: Puzzles

Spend some time sorting all the pieces of this puzzle of Buzz Lightyear. Use the mouse to move the pieces

Buzz Lightyear: Puzzles

Do you like puzzle games? For this game you`ll like. You have to complete the puzzle of Disney drawings. Drag the puzzle pieces with your mouse. Enjoy!

Sofia: Puzzles Disney

Have a good time playing this fun puzzle game with one of the most anticipated pictures this summer as Monsters University, a great animated cartoon film Very funny!

Monsters University: Puzzles

We have more!, Play all the games of Puzzles, select your page

Other free Table Games

Another dragon ball game with a touch of the classic Pong, so you have fun a lot

Dragon Ball Z Pong

Enjoy this fun game where you have stairs to get to the end of the juice to win, but this will have to pass all the tests assigned to you. Can you reach the end of the game?

Set the ladder

You have to have a lot of skill to put him goalkeeper goals of Lego. Seize the pass off and your teammates to score a great goal. How many goals will get?

Lego Soccer

Would you like to be rich? So here we give you the opportunity to be, at least for the time you are playing. Imagine you have bags of money and you should keep in their safes with mouse support.

Monopoly EA

Lazy Twon is a board game. where you have to spin the wheel with your mouse. You will play a number from one to six the number that you will touch the boxes that progress. Then play the card you are to hit. So until you reach the goal

Lazy Twon

If you are a master of football in this game you prove playing against your friend or the computer. You have to win games to keep playing in the league


Comes the new version of Monopoly platforms. You have to roll the dice and advance to the boxes for the number you left on the dice then you must collect all the money that falls from the sky before your opponent

Monopoly: Platforms

Use strategy to play this game to sink mini fleet. You have to place your ships in combat in a good position for your opponent does not find her and your mission is to sink all your opponent ships before the sinking your ships

Battleship 2

For those who do not know how to play this game is, kill all opponent`s pieces. Moving diagonally and one square per move, except to kill the enemy that jumps to two boxes.


Do you want to accept a table tennis tournament competing with superheroes video games? Now you can compete with Mario, Batman and Ben 10, you choose where you want and with whoever you want

Table tennis with the Superheroes

Enjoy this game of Goku against Frieza in a tennis tournament. Play Ping Pong with Goku and defeat the tyrant Frieza. Interacts with the mouse to play this fun game

Goku vs Frieza: Table Tennis

Play the classic card game like solitaire is the new cards Dragon Ball Z. juice You must stairs forms suited to end all letters

Dragon Ball Z: Solitaire

If you like to spend a fun da, now you can spend hours thousands of pieces fitting s. nelas you all stop complete drawings, but each of these parts must be in the correct order and position. You can complete a lot of puzzles, whether beautiful landscapes or images of your favorite serials and movies. Find different types of difficulty, this would raise difficulties function of the pieces that we as difficult SERMs complete a puzzle 150 pieces one 25. Help Buzz Lightyear back to life by joining all parts that keep separate, if you get back to form the image completely podrs other unlock new Toy Story characters that need your help. If you're a fan of the Simpsons podrs help more famous family from america to continue doing crazy things, helps in nine different images bart homer or a new adventure. Thanks to these great images you will develop your intellect, even sers able to improve your memory.

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