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Great action game based in rich, exciting levels to complete. Put your skills to climb, jump and run to take the red power ranger through the obstacles and achieve your goals. Have fun! Power Rangers Ninja Storm
Choose your favorite Power Rangers bike rides in the race. To pass the level you have to be number one in reaching the goal, otherwise you will start the level again Power Rangers: Motorcycle Racing
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Power Ranger unite to fight and save the world from evil villains. You choose who will save the world, or Tartugas Power Ranger Ninjas Power Rangers vs Ninja Turtles
Play this game in action and eliminate all enemies in the shortest possible time and reaches the final. Power Fox
Our pawer Red Ranger has to look the enemy in a quad. Drive the quad as best you can until the end of the screen, but be careful not to crash, otherwise you`ll start the level again Power Ranger ATV
Operating a helicopter so you get the survival of the Earth in your hands, some want to destroy evil enemies and you must avoid. Power Copter
Become the king of water and drive your boat and win every race your opponents running at full speed. King of Power
Play this fun game of pinball in the jungle. You have to give all the fruit for maximum score. Try by all means that the ball does not fall to empty Power Pinball
Show to the world that can channel the power of Hulk in a stack of beams by the demolition of the whole. Hulk power
Help the Power Ranger save our planet from the evil monsters. You have to run and jump all the obstacles, you also have to kill all monsters Power Ranger Devil
Play this passionate fighter. Nick is looking for energy drink and it has to deal with many very dangerous opponents. Nick is ready to fight with everyone and not afraid of anything Karate: The Path to Power
Batman wants to test his strength by breaking the steel beams that are on the street. You have to press the space bar when the number is very high. Try to break all the beams with a single punch Maximum power of Batman
Interact with the Power Ranger in this game and platform struggles. You have to fight strange creatures ever seen by humans. Use the arrow keys to move, press A to fight and the S key to jump Power Ranger vs Monsters
The Power Rangers are trapped in a maze full of numerous terrifying enemies and you have to collect all the keys to open the doors to get away Power Ranger: Mazes
Play Skateboard another exciting game where you can choose the Power Ranger or Ninja Turtles. You have to overcome all challenges to the next level Power Ranger Skateboard
Play this new fighting game featuring characters from Dragon Ball Z where you have to choose your favorite character and fight all the enemies to get the seven magic balls Dragon Ball Ultimate Power
The Power Rangers have to fight the most terrifying creatures of the night of Halloween. You have to complete your experience to the next level and for that you have to fight with your sword Power Ranger Samurai: Halloweeen

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