Pokemon Games

great pokemon game where this time you'll have to explore a world of pokemon. you'll have to talk to the people to be able to pass the tests you propose. step into the house to get new challenges. have fun!
Games Pokemon online

Pokemon online

Play the most anticipated game for our friends Pokemon fans, now here we give you the opportunity to puzzle with the images that you like.
Games Pokemon Platinum, puzzle

Pokemon Platinum, puzzle

They`ve gone crazy all the Pokemon and are attacking your house. Grab your gun with tranquilizer darts and tries to avert disaster.
Games Pokemon Killer

Pokemon Killer

Find all the letters of the alphabet in the images of characters from Pokemon. Interacts through the images by clicking and when you are done to find all the letters will spend the next level.
Games Pokemon with the alphabet

Pokemon with the alphabet

A shooting game where you have to kill all the characters of Pokemon. You`re a murderer hired and you have given an order to kill all the Pokemon characters
Games Pokemon Kill

Pokemon Kill

a slightly macabre game, because you must shoot all the pokemon you see on the screen, aim well and eliminates the more the merrier ...
Games Pokemon Shoot 2

Pokemon Shoot 2

There is a big problem in the fantastic world of Pokemon. There have been all the Pokemon without color, have mercy on them and give a little color to our friends.
Games Pokemon Coloring

Pokemon Coloring

Play this fun game and great Charizard Pokemon. You have to get down the road mounted the great Charizard, collecting Pokeballs. Be very careful not to collide with the pokemon that are in the Camon
Games Pokemon Charizard

Pokemon Charizard

Protects the way of putting Pokemon Pokemon heroes throughout the tour, eliminating all the enemies with your cunning and your war strategy
Games Pokemon: Battle Tower

Pokemon: Battle Tower

you have to protect the house placing pokemon pokemon heroes on the road leading to the house. Use strategy war to stop the massive waves that attempt to penetrate the house pokemon
Games Pokémon: Tower Defense 2

Pokémon: Tower Defense 2

pokemon in this game you have to break all the blocks of color without leaving any. you have to align colored blocks to burst them. how many levels can travel?
Games Pokemon decomposed blocks

Pokemon decomposed blocks

All you have to do is run. All you can run through the city and jumping obstacles, to achieve the highest possible score.
Games Pachis, Pokemon

Pachis, Pokemon

Pokemon Rescue is a platform game where our friend Pikachu has to collect all the balls from the screen without being able to capture enemies. To pass the level you must collect the ball pokemon
Games Pokemon rescue

Pokemon rescue

move with pikachu to collect all the apples on each level without getting caught enemies. jump and dodge the enemies to continue advancing levels. have a good time!
Games Pikachu platforms

Pikachu platforms

now you can have fun choosing new clothes for girls pokemon. enter the wardrobe and choose pretty dresses for these beautiful girls. you can also choose the pokemon you want to accompany
Games Pokemon girls dressing

Pokemon girls dressing

Pikachu is to become bad and to heal must destroy everything in its power, it must kicking annihilating the inhabitants of the city and killing superheroes who try to stop you. Ejects the rage of Pikachu !.
Games Evil Pikachu rampage

Evil Pikachu rampage

Funny animation that pits 2 of the most charismatic of the television, Pokemon against mario¡¡¡
Games Pokemon vs mario

Pokemon vs mario

Find all the pairs of Pokemon in this deck of cards. Choose one with the mouse and then choose one that you think is the same, if not identical, the two will be given back.
Games Pokemon couples

Pokemon couples

Enjoy another adventure with our friends Pokemon. Pikachu has to perform a series of tests to rescue the princess. A tip for playing tutorial interact with Pikachu. First you must get inside the tube jumping on top
Games Pokemon Adventures

Pokemon Adventures

in this game of pokemon you can choose two characters: hinata and kazuki. Your mission is to get to the bottom of the screen in the shortest time possible for a high score
Games Pokemon in motocross

Pokemon in motocross

Interact with our friend Pikachu in a world filled with dangerous enemies and various adventures. You have to eliminate all the enemies and get to the bottom of the screen as quickly as possible
Games Pokemon big fight

Pokemon big fight

Pikachu has to fly through the air to pick up all the goodies and dodge all death traps. Use the mouse to play this fun game of Pokemon
Games Flying Pokemon

Flying Pokemon

vive another frantic adventure in the world of pokédex, where monsters threaten to destroy it. we will have to kill and dodge monsters and pikachu this fictional world will be there to help. you can choose from lugia, ho-oh or latias.
Games Legendary pokémon

Legendary pokémon

pokemon in this game as the name suggests we have to capture the pokemon. use the mouse to aim and shoot the ball pokemon to rescue all creatures of this world. try to avoid all traps and do not fall into the void.
Games Catch pokemon

Catch pokemon

Help your friends to pick up the pieces of the same color, then once you have all or nearly all, of the same color, click to disintegrate.
Games Pokemon towering legends

Pokemon towering legends

In this game you have to do is finish the figures of the Pokemon cartoon, piece by piece to mount it at all.
Games Pokemon pixels review

Pokemon pixels review

enter the battle with pokemon battle tank which will surprise the evil girls with devastating attacks. you have to move forward and destroy all enemies before they can destroy you. buy upgrades for your tank !.
Games Pokemon: tank battles

Pokemon: tank battles

Interact with Pikachu and the areas of Pokemon, throw it into the eggs and pick up chicks out to break the shell. But attentive to the area that does not fall to the ground.
Games Pikachu


Play new mini motorcycle Pikachu game where you have to ride a bike and go bad roads dangerous. You must reach the goal in the shortest time possible. Use the arrow keys to move
Games Pikachu motorcycle

Pikachu motorcycle

Pikachus's friends have been kidnapped by gorillas in the jungle and now you have to save them. you have to jump up without falling to rescue your friends
Games Pikachus saves his friends

Pikachus saves his friends

Other Pokemon Games

Saw the head of the pokemon with the best costume at your disposal.
Games Pokemon


It`s time to test your imagination with the characters of Pokemon. How would your Pokemon trainer?
Games Pokemon Dress

Pokemon Dress

Play this fun game Pokemon TV series. You have to collect all the Pokemon ball possible to achieve a high score. You can not hit or dalt around you`ll lose the game
Games Pokemon Bike

Pokemon Bike

You have to be quick and fast in this game to find partners. To pass the level you must find all pairs of Pokemon before time runs out. Not as easy as it sounds
Games Pokemon looking couples

Pokemon looking couples

You have to prevent the attack on the Pokemon and that will mean putting the Pokemon in a good place to kill enemies and stop farther down the road
Games Invaders Pokemon TD

Invaders Pokemon TD

collects all your friends pokemon in this truck to take them to school, try not to be late to class. Press the spacebar to pick up the pokemon
Games Pokemon truck

Pokemon truck

pokemon character wants to spend their free time skiing in the high mountains. you have to reach the goal as fast as possible without crashing
Games Pokemon skiing

Pokemon skiing

We have created this game for our fans of Pokemon. Illustrated with this puzzle where the pieces will enjoy looking for.
Games Pokemon advanced battle

Pokemon advanced battle

Enjoy this spectacular game of Pokemon riding a dirt bike where you have to climb dangerous obstacles and reach the end of the screen. Use the arrow keys to move
Games Pokemon: dirt bike

Pokemon: dirt bike

point and shoot for the stars of colors to pop them, remove them and complete the game zuma in pokémon version. use pikachu to shoot the stars have to form a row of three or more of the same color to pop them.
Games Pokémon hunt: zuma

Pokémon hunt: zuma

wielding panda in the park and looking for targets to meet as you walk through the park
Games Panda park

Panda park

cut all the trees you find your way, but be careful enemies that will make the task difficult.
Games Zelda Seeds of Darkness

Zelda Seeds of Darkness

Enjoy the new Pokemon game. Now Pikachu has to collect all the Pokeballs and transported to the bottom of the screen as quickly as possible. Be careful with the land is in very poor condition
Games Pikachu Truck

Pikachu Truck

Be the first to play this fun racing game with a vehicle of the future, a motorcycle with one wheel. You can choose our best friends in video games like Sonic, Mario, Pokemon and Ben 10
Games A Rally wheel

A Rally wheel

This game is played a big bike race which involved many very famous characters like Mario, Bart Simpsons, Pokemon and could not miss our dear friend Goku. You have to win the race to unlock the next level
Games Goku vs Mario: Bicycles

Goku vs Mario: Bicycles

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Pokemon Games

This peculiar universe meeting ordinary people and their daily chores with some animals called Pokmon with special abilities, these are used to help humans in their daily lives or to compete with each other.
These animals live in a wild environment until a coach fight against them using other Pokmon and capture, once caught this creature is stored in a pokeball that the coach could have on your belt. No matter how large they are, thanks to a technique of reduction podrn enter the pokeball.
Your journey begins now coaching choose between the three initials that offers Professor Oak and partly to complete the Pokedex, a guide with all known Pokmons. To do tendrs to travel around the world to find and fight all these creatures to record them.
There are also tournaments like the Pokmon League in which podrs compete at a professional level with a tremendous level coaches for victory and glory.