align balls classics ability launch zuma
Great balls game, where you must carry the pipe hata requested. With the mouse you can select the direction and strength. Perfect game of skill and very entertaining. Balls into the pipe
Play ball game where you have to throw balls while eliminating those that are equal in threes. Go to the next level if you get it done as quickly as possible. Interact with the mouse Throwing balls 2
You have to explode colored balls attached to the color out of the zip. Note that you have limited time to do it and if you do well go to the next level. Interact with the mouse 2 color balls
You must pick up the green squares without getting crushed pink balls. If you win you get bonuses. Interact with the cursor Balls and square
In this game there are balls in motion and you have to separate the blue to the left of the screen and the right red. You have to separate the balls in the shortest possible time to the next level Separate balls
Play golf in this fun game of throwing the ball as far as possible. Use the mouse to play this fun game of golf Golf: Throwing balls
This Smurf need help to remove all balls from the screen. Help this Smurf to fire a powerful missile, to pass the level you have to remove all balls from the screen Smurfs throws balls
Our friend Goku has to retrieve the seven Dragon Balls to fulfill his wish and it will struggle with his magic wand. Interact with your mouse to move and fight press the left mouse button Goku and the seven Dragon Balls
Classic game machines in which you have deleted the same color balls to invading the screen and the game ends Remove groups of balls
The Thomas train has to carry all the balls Brazil World Cup all continents and needs your help you help you control the train, carrying balloons roads in very poor condition Thomas carries Soccer Balls
Play classic game Zuma in a new version of pirates where you have to complete the levels Zuma to conquer the four seas and recover hidden treasures Zuma Pirate 2
Play classic game version of Zuma pet. You have to throw the animals so that you eliminate all the animals before they reach their destination Animal Zuma
Have a good time playing this addictive game based Zuma Champions league. You have to throw the balls with the same color to burst, burst all the balls to move to the next level Champions Zuma
Play classic Zuma game based on a pirate story. You have to eliminate all the bombs on the screen before they reach their destination Zuma: Pirates
Play classic Zuma game where you have to throw colored balls. You have to line up three or more balls of the same color to eliminate them. If you remove all the balls from the screen pass to the next level Zuma: Frogs
Play this exciting game of Zuma with Jeweled game pieces. You have to throw to align emeralds and diamonds and emeralds destroy all of the screen Zuma: Jeweled
Play classic game Zuma in a new version with new levels, you can play against the computer or play solo you decide. You have to throw colorful rocks and align with your color to eliminate them Zuma: Space
Play classic Zuma game with zombies game Plants vs Zombies. You have to launch from a catapult zombies so that they form a group of at least three to remove them, try not to reach the end of the road Zombies Zuma
Play the classic game of Zuma game based on the Angry Bird. You have to free the birds from the claws of the cat and for this you have to throw the birds with their corresponding color Zuma Bird
Play classic zuma game but now with marbles. You must remove all the pegs to the next level. Throw the marbles with the cursor key and try to match three or more of the same color to remove the marbles Zuma: Marbles