Wrestling: Wrestling Games

Choose your character to fight in the WWE and then a spanking. The gameplay is simple, we give you three options of which you and your opponent will have to pick one and see the formula that leaves your selections.

Games Pressing Catch WWE

Pressing Catch WWE

Fighting game based on the famous game Street Fighter. Choose more desired and win all peel your character, you can also play in two player mode

Games Duels of fighting

Duels of fighting

Get on your big monster, and defeat all enemies that you put in your way. Each stroke that you give your opponent will reward you with money, so that later you can buy new weapons.

Games Duels


You are ready to begin the battle of kings where two kings fighting to conquer contrast empire in a close fight to struggle with catapults. Aim and shoot stones to defeat enemies

Games Duels of kings

Duels of kings

Prepare your robot to compete in the big match in wrestling aren, where two robots face a fierce fight, the winner is the one standing. Are you ready!

Games Duels of robots

Duels of robots

Play this fun game of skill where you have to catch a fly. You`re a hungry frog and have to catch all the flies on the screen to move from level

Games Catch the Fly

Catch the Fly

The Coyote and Road Runner always want to catch but this time he has spent much time on their altimañas to catch it. Think you can? You have to jump through all the traps that the Coyote as to catch the Roadrunner

Games Catch the Roadrunner

Catch the Roadrunner

The mouse is hiding in one of the charges and must figure out which one it is.

Games Catch a mouse

Catch a mouse

In Nobita`s birthday have escaped all the balloons and now you have to help Doraemon has recovered all the balloons to Nobita has not put mourn

Games Doraemon catch balloons

Doraemon catch balloons

We have the first part of this game so much fun of the Simpsons, so we wanted this second part of your success. The mission of the game is to bring all the barrels of beer a car bonnet, with the help of the cursor.

Games Simpsons, Catch the duff 2

Simpsons, Catch the duff 2

Try to catch with a hook at all plush Santa Claus before time runs out. Help yourself to the address below cursor at the right time to launch.

Catch the Santa Claus

It`s a fun game where the goal is to give the ball to the opponent to eliminate it. Choose your team from various cartoon characters like Wile E. Coyote, Tom, Piernodoyuna, Fred Flintstone, etc.

Catch and throw the ball

Scooby Doo wants to show the world that does not afraid of anything and today is to be mounted on a ship a little quirky to defeat the enemies that threaten to demolish the city. Shoot and dodge the enemies before they eliminate you

Scooby Doo in action

You alone can eliminate all the terrorists in this country and you can not defraud your embassy. Shoot It shattered mercilessly and these terrorists are plotting an attack

And action shots

Our beloved superhero must save all humans from the robots that want to eliminate the human race. Superman`s mission is to kill the androids indicated by the task before time runs out

Superman in Action

Play this fun game based on the classic game of Contra. You elected to infiltarse with the terrorists and your mission is kill all the terrorists to reach the leader. Kill all the tyrants before they kill you

Action City

It`s time to face all the enemies of world peace with our superhero Robert Bob Parr of The Incredibles. Use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to blows.

The Incredible in action

Reaches the goal with your tank intact or with the least possible harm. Do not hesitate to shoot the objects that will interfere. It moves the cursor and fire with the space bar.

Tank in action

You head up a very problematic bar and you have to give the thugs threw bottles that customers want to bother. You can play in two player mode

Fights at the bar

If you love this safe mini Wrestling games you like. You have to fight Pressing Catch fighters and try to win money to buy upgrades

WWE Wrestling: Wrestling

Compete in the major wrestling tournament held in California. You have to choose the desired fighter and fight the best fighters from wrestling. Try to beat all the opponents to keep fighting in the championship


Wrestling game that will take place in the ring and need to win the gold belt


Here you have a version of street fighter in the modern version, fight with eggs, have you ever thought of eggs in a fight?

Egg Fights

SpongeBob and Patrick have new missions to fulfill. This time they have to help support your partner to retrieve the key that opens the door. Open doors and activates new platforms to achieve your goal

SpongeBob and Patrick in action

You have been sent to the jungle where hordes of armed enemies hiding and your mission is to annihilate all the enemies you encounter on your way

Action Shooter Night

Great action game where you are a Stikman and your mission is to kill all the enemies before they can kill you. Avanza levels buying upgrades and new weapons

Casual crazy action

You have been trained to kill terrorists and now you`re in a war where the terrorists want you dead and you have to survive a wave of terrorists armed to the teeth. A tip, shoot the head!

Call of Duty Action

Play another great game Arkanoid, but now with two barriers one at the bottom of the screen and one on the right side of the screen. It seems easy but there is nothing easy

Arkanoid Double Action

Drive your Porsche through the streets of the city cars and avoiding all obstacles that you see at top speed.

Action driving game

In this game you have to fight monsters of nightmares. You have to eliminate all the enemies before waking up, otherwise you'll be stuck in an endless nightmare

Fights nightmares

Great fighting game where you have to walk the streets and give a beating to all individuals you see, or maybe they are the ones that give you a beating

Wrestling team

Wrestling game where you can create your characters with tips from other characters, you can also play in two player mode. Have fun!

Wrestling, Cartoons

This year at the World Cup anything goes, choose your favorite team and playing a soccer tournament where it fights, fight your opponents and give him a good beating

Wrestling in the World Cup

Fight against other aliens in the ring and prove you`re the best fighter in the galaxy

Wrestling aliens

In this game you have to earn the respect of school thugs fighting over. You can pick up objects to use as weapons, you can strike the objects to throw.

Wrestling at school