Twilight: Jacob Black Games

Dress these two guys who are going out for a walk. They want to go to the zoo, fair, park and many other locations. They need appropriate clothing to help you choose those places. L Interact with mouse

Games Dress children

Dress children

Estupendísimo Bratz game. As always, maquíllalas, super pretty peinalas and let their boyfriends to feel more proud of them. Enjoy Tando colors and shades to your face!

Games Make up Bratz girls

Make up Bratz girls

Help these beautiful girls have nice dress and choose a hairstyle for your next conference. Use the mouse to play this fun dress up game for girls

Games Dress the girls Spil

Dress the girls Spil

Dress up your best girl, has been taking a coffee with friends, and wants out as beautiful as possible

Games Anthro girls dress up

Anthro girls dress up

Great shooting game for its good graphics and good argument. You are a soldier of the Red Wolves Legion and your mission is to kill all the terrorists who have kidnapped the president`s daughter

Games Legion of Red Wolves

Legion of Red Wolves

This pretty girl in doubt. Help her choose your accessories and makeup that suits her. Put it beautiful for her commitment

Games Dress and make 2

Dress and make 2

In this game you have to make up this girl until the last touch-up, comb, pretty make her up and put out with friends

Games Dress and make up 13

Dress and make up 13

Rihanna has a concert and nerves has forgotten to dress and makeup. Help Rihanna has makeup and choose a nice dress

Games Dress and make up Rihanna

Dress and make up Rihanna

Comb and makeup this Disney princess for the last dance. You can change your hairstyle, makeup and clothing. You can also change the appearance of this prince in love

Games Dress and make up the princesses

Dress and make up the princesses

Make up and dress up this monster. He stayed with his companions to go for a walk. Help make it look perfect. Interact with the mouse

Games Monster dress and make up

Monster dress and make up

You have to make up and dress up this beautiful model. Help make it perfect for the party. Interact with the mouse

Make up and dress a model

In this game you have to play the ugly duckling, you have to make this unpopular girl a real princess in Disney. Clean the face of this girl, tweeze eyebrows, choose a nice princess hairstyle and make up with the best products

Dress and make up the Disney princesses

You`re the new stylist Vanessa Minnillo and you have to change the look for an interview with a filmmaker. Vanessa Minnillo wants to look pretty choose it in the next film to be shot in Hollywood

Dress and make up Vanessa Minnillo

Enjoy this game taking care of your children. Now you can exercise for parent and demonstrate whether or not you would be able to care for babies.

Caring for children

Locate the numbers zero to twenty with your detective magnifying glass around the image of these trains so nice.

Railway Children

You are an apprentice paparazzi and you have to really work to make good pictures, sell to the highest bidder and invest the money earned to buy upgrades for your camera

Photos for celebrities

You are the best dentist in the world and all the celebrities come to your practice to fix their teeth. In this game you have to heal all the mouths of celebrities and try to get a nice smile

Dentist for celebrities

Who says celebrities do not like pizza? In this fun game you have to feed the famous chunky pizza. In this game we can see Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Celebrities also eat pizza

Color these kids of the Twilight series. Put color to each well at the bottom of the image. Interact with the mouse

Twilight Coloring

In this game you have to kill the famous that you choose. First famous hits as hard as possible to make a lot of damage and have not had enough, take it and hit it against cars and buildings. The more points you get more damage

Kill celebrities

I had a confrontation with Twilight Edward and want to solve the problem with a fight inside the ring. You have to hit as many punches as you can at Edward Twilight

I vs Edward Twilight: Fighting

Play this fun game where you pick Twilight which is your right partner for the rest of your life until death do you apart

Twilight`s Dawn: Romances

If you like the movie Twilight really want to play this fun puzzle game where you draw a picture of the last movie of the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2. Try to complete all levels

Twilight Dawn 2: Puzzles Fandejuegos

Eat all the mazes coconuts without you eliminate ghost. You can also eat at the famous to eat the ghost. Can you eat all the coconuts without getting deleted ?. Have a good time!

Famous Pacman

Girls games where you have to get very pretty and flirt with celebrities, but beware that every famous likes a different type of girls and you have to follow the following to impress these guys

With famous quotes

Help her choose the nicest clothes with Angelina and her husband. Have a gala and want to go bright. Make cute matching

Dressed to the famous

In this fighting game you have to give a beating to the famous who want to fight you. One tip, cover your face with the spacebar as you have a good time do not stop punching until he KO

Fighting brutality against the famous

Paint this fairy that flies over the clouds with the most appropriate colors.

On the moon

The NSA has sent you to the moon to defend a military base that is located in a desert moon. Place your soldiers in strategic locations to stop a wave of bugs

Survive on the Moon

In this game you have to Despicable Me Minion from launch to a devastating cannon to reach the moon and conquer. Luck!

Gru, throw me to the Moon