Transformers 4 Games

Play this exciting shooting game. You are in a spaceship full of androids many murderers who want to end your life. Your mission is to kill all the droids and get out alive from this ship that leads to your home

Games Murderers Androids

Murderers Androids

Play as Robocop and shoot all the criminals on the street, try to kill enemies before they can kill you

Games Robocop 2

Robocop 2

Fight against organized crime with our friend Robocop. But first before you go out you have to train at the academy. Interacts with the A and D for movement and mouse to aim and shoot.

Games Robocop


Have a good time completing all the puzzles of the new Robocop movie. Try to complete all the puzzles as fast as possible

Games Robocop puzzle Fandejuegos

Robocop puzzle Fandejuegos

You`re a robot that has come to an unexplored spaceship and your mission is to explore the ship and kill everyone who is in it

Games War of robots

War of robots

Great game where you must place mechanisms so that you eliminate pumps all the robots on the screen. Place bombs and then press the detonator

Games Robots TNT

Robots TNT

This robot is running out of energy and you have to help take all the energy possible without falling. Interact with the arrow keys to get them

Games Robots


It`s a game of strategy and war where you have to send your robots to fight with enemies. Your mission is to get the robots to the opposite field to score points. Fight the enemy robots to reach your base

Games War robots

War robots

Commands the robot has to work in the vicinity of the base. You have to collect metals to build new facilities and repairing damaged machines. Great strategy game where you have to grow the empire robots

Games Empire robots

Empire robots

Prepare your robot to compete in the big match in wrestling aren, where two robots face a fierce fight, the winner is the one standing. Are you ready!

Games Duels of robots

Duels of robots

In this game you have to sharpen your aim with weapons if you want to hunt some of these robots. Kill all the robots you can to get money and buy new weapons

Games Hunting robots

Hunting robots

In this game you have to make the zombies ingeniártela can not steal antidotes, this will have to place defense towers and you also have to shoot to eliminate them all

Robots vs Zombies

Barbie wants to save us from the evil robots that threaten to destroy human life. Interact with Barbie in this platform game and destroy all robots before it`s too late

Barbie vs Robots

You are a young alien who must defend your planet from evil robots that want to conquer your planet. Get money to invest in buy upgrades and new weapons

Alien vs Robots

You have to protect your fortress of evil robots. Shoot with your powerful machine gun all the robots to get money and weapons to exchange for new or improved

Shooting for the Robots

The aim of this game is simple ... delete tables, bombs and do everything possible for the robot to fall, do not leave the platform. Can you do it?

Robots on the platforms

Play this fun game where you have to use all your skill to destroy the robots. You have to throw giant rocks with a slingshot. Aim well to not run out of stones, you`ll lose the game

Angry Robots

Some giant robot is destroying the whole city and everyone is horrified fear for their lives. But do not worry, our super hero with his slingshot is going to stop killing one to one

Big Evil Robots

You`re a small fish who has to eat the smaller fish, but be very careful not to be eaten by other larger fish. You have to live in the tank and for this you have to dodge the fish bigger than you

Frenzies: Fish robots

Play another exciting game where this time Timmy Turner has created a fighting robots to fight in the tournament to fight robots. Help Timmy Turner robots create a wrestler to win all opponents

Timmy Turner, dueling robots

The city will need to delete all the machines that want to annihilate the human race. You are a very powerful car capable of hitting any machine and destroy it, too, can become a robot and shoot a powerful laser

Transformers 2

If you had the power to create robots Transformers, What would it be yours? Now you can create monstrous Transformers robots with this fun game. So come to create your Transformers!

Transformers Creator

You`re a Transformers robot who has to rescue a plant alive, this will have to use your intelligence to rescue this plant before it is too late

Transformers Robot

Have a good time completing all the puzzles of the Transformers. There are three different game modes. So come to find out!

Transformers puzzles

Avanza levels walking the platforms and recovering all the energy you find. Be careful with spiders that can really hurt you and prevent you finish a mission

Transformers Voltran

Great Transformers game where you have to move forward and shooting all the enemies in each level. Earn money to buy new weapons

Transformers Showdown

Transformers helps control your new bike has to help has to travel faster but first you have to control the bike very well. Get to the bottom of the screen as quickly as possible trying not to crash

Transformers in moto 2

In this game you can create your own Transformers robots. You have to click with the left mouse button the piece you want to change the robots

Transformers Dressing

Play this new game where you pilot a peculiar Transformers motocross bike through the icy mountains. Get to the bottom of the screen as quickly as possible

Transformers motorcycle

Now you can create your own Transformers, customize weapons and armor, you can also change color. Create your own Transformers and compare with your friends

Create Transformers

Play this fun game of Transformers truck. Your mission is to transport the missing pieces to build the world`s largest Transformers

Transformers Truck

Energon is the energy that feeds all transformers. That said, this game is that the Decepticons are attacking the bases of the Autobots to steal energon their stores to take over the planet earth. Manages the turret with

Transformers and energon

The Transform come together to confront the evil robot wars. Move with Transformers robots to fight enemies. Give a good lesson to these enemies that they keep out everywhere. Enjoy this game!

Transformers bots wars

Interact with the transformers you see in the picture in a hostile world where you have to destroy all enemy ships and destroy all the asteroids that cross your path

Transformers Dead Planet

Have a good time playing this fun game where you have to find Transformers all stars hidden in each level. Try to find them all before time runs out

Transformers: Stars hidden