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Game inspired by the first part of the drawings of Toy Story. When Buzz Light year and Buddy are mounted on the car radio control to get the truck moving. play Buzz Lightyear and Buddy

Buzz Lightyear and Buddy

Spend some time sorting all the pieces of this puzzle of Buzz Lightyear. Use the mouse to move the pieces play Buzz Lightyear: Puzzles

Buzz Lightyear: Puzzles

Buzz Lightyear has a new space mission, has to rescue all the aliens before it is too late. Rescue all to open the door. Enjoy! play Buzz Lightyear Alien Rescue

Buzz Lightyear Alien Rescue

Our friend Buzz Light year of Toy Story, has gone to a special mission to an unknown planet. Point your mouse and shoot the evil aliens. Ojo! Do not shoot the aliens that they`ll good points. play Buzz Lightyear in an impossible mission

Buzz Lightyear in an impossible mission

Attempts to rescue the lovely doll and his sheep, but with a piece of rope and a roll. Interact with the arrow keys to make the swing with the rope. play Toy story: Buddy to the rescue

Toy story: Buddy to the rescue

The baquero Toy Story has a new mission: Remove all toys from Andy`s new house. Be careful with the road is in very poor condition and if dropped the toys begin again the level play Toy Story toys transports

Toy Story toys transports

End all the screens that you have, your girlfriend is a ghost that will help you in the adventure. play Guy and Buddy

Guy and Buddy

You`re a cop who runs through the streets of Brown in search of criminals, your mission is to kill all the members of the mafia while running around town play Arcade Mafia

Arcade Mafia

Entertaining boxing game where you must use the Z for cover from the blows and space to throw punches
Boxing arcade
Fighting game where you`re a Japanese girl who roams the streets of Japan and some thugs want to bother you now have to use martial arts to leave you quiet and not bother again more
Street fights, arcade
You dare to challenge the best riders of the Olympics. You have to be attentive to the output signal as never to run and win all opponents
Arcade Olympics 100 meters
Ships game you must eliminate all enemy ships you see on your way.
Lightyear Alpha
Play the other Buzz games you see on screen, painting, removing or that you like
Paint this beautiful image in which they see this pretty girl
My Toys
Choose your favorite toy and win all the races in this game, but be very careful not to crash, otherwise you will start the level again. Use the arrow keys to move
Race toys
Imagine youre in Hollywood and youre in a program, takes over and throws the characters you dislike
Hollywood Buzz
We will put your skill with the mouse in this game where you have to collect all the toys as you can without falling off the platform. Move the mouse left and right to move
Tornado picks up toys
Spiderman has to carry toys in a truck but the road is in very poor condition and will have to drive very carefully to keep the load
Spiderman toys transports
Help this girl to carry all your toys in the truck. You have to transport the toys to the bottom of the screen without falling, otherwise you`ll start the level again
Claudia carries his toys
Help our friend Buzz Light year from Toy Story to eliminate the enemy forces that are threatening the planet earth. Interact with the arrow keys to move the same and the space bar to shoot his big laser.
Buzz Light year Space Command
You have to destroy the spacecraft before they destroy you. K objects fall grabs and help you get more strength. Interact with the mouse
Great spaceship game where all spacecraft are paper. Shoot to mercilessly destroy all ships in the galaxy. You can conquer the galaxy from your spaceship
Paper ships
Play this Galactic spaceship game where you can play on your mobile phone
Ships galactic
Fight in this great battle of ships against submarines. Your browsing in a warship and your mission is to destroy all the submarines of each level, but be careful with torpedoes
Ships vs Submarines
Play this exciting game of spaceships where you have to kill the stated objectives. Ride your new spaceship with your weapons and kill all enemies devastating
Ships: The Battle
In this game you have to jump without falling off the ships, you`ll lose lives and not go to the next level. Interact with the mouse
Skip the ships
Become in a police and go for these areas and kill anyone who disrupt the peace
Ships Drakojan