cranes launch machines simpsons crushers Rescue
Have a good time playing this fun game where you have to tractors on the farm work by interacting with different machines play Works with cranes on the farm

Works with cranes on the farm

Have a great company of construction machines and have a new job, build a highway. You have to drive great machines of construction and work with them. Collect land, cut trees and thousands of different jobs play Construction Machines

Construction Machines

This grandfather is very heavy and wants to farthest sets to escape the nursing home. Throw the old as far as possible from a catapult play Grandpa Launch

Grandpa Launch

In this game you have to throw a Roman catapult and eliminate opponents. Use the mouse to move and shoot. Complete the level to the next level play Roman Launch

Roman Launch

Throw SpongeBob our friend from a supersonic cannon. Your mission is to launch SpongeBob as far as possible and for that you need to buy upgrades for the gun play SpongeBob Launch

SpongeBob Launch

Sonic uses a launcher to destroy all the robots created by Dr. Robotnick. Remember that TVs with the image of Sonic`s face is life. play Launch Sonic

Launch Sonic

You are a pirate and have found a map where there is a great treasure, the bad of all this is that it is impossible to reach by boat conventional and invent one that is catapulted from a cannon. play Pirate Launch

Pirate Launch

Great game where you can practice free throws or faults. Barrier and therefore you get a goal is more complicated. Select the direction, strength and hit the ball where you want to get GOL!
Launch failures with barrier
In the frozen mountains is a mountain climber trapped in a cave covered with snow and you have to rescue him either way. Use your dog trained to save the life of this boy. Hurry before it`s too late
Rescue with dog
In this mini game you navigate a small boat to rescue all those who are at sea because of a wreck. Hurry before it`s too late!
Rescue at sea
Eve is the girlfriend of this guy you see in the picture and you have to rescue her to marry her. To rescue Eva will have to pass all the tests of this game. Luck!
Eve Rescue
You are the head of security in the city and your mission is to drive the vehicles authorized for the well being of citizens and rescue the citizens who are in distress. You can drive police cars, ambulances and fire trucks
Rescue 911
Funny game where you must rescue your girlfriend who is in the tower.
The mighty god Zeus has kidnapped the World Cup Soccer. Only returned if any mortal gets through six hazardous tests imposed by Zeus himself. Choose from Lio Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo to play this adventure. Luck!
World Cup Rescue
In this game you have to get behind the wheel of an ambulance and rescue the wounded of the mission as quickly as possible, but be careful not to damage the ambulance and refuel when necessary
Ambulance rescue
Great platform game, where our friend Diego must rescue all offspring of the animals and take them to the zoo. Use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to jump, you can also use the stairs to climb
Diego to the rescue
Some evil aliens have kidnapped all the super heroes and Batman is the only one who can rescue them all. Batman has to go down to rescue their friends without the alien tyrants can catch
Batman last rescue
They have kidnapped your Princess and nows have to rescue her with the help of your brother. You have to get to the bottom of the screen killing strange creatures and activating mechanisms. There are thirty levels!
Rescue the Princess
Rambo has a new mission to rescue his friends who are prisoners. Shoot all the enemies with your powerful weapon and if they are very close to you use the knife, do not forget to rescue the prisoners
Rambo to the rescue
In this city there is an arsonist who set fire not to dangerous fires. You have to rescue all the survivors as quickly as possible with the help of the mouse
Firefighters to the Rescue 2
Pokemon Rescue is a platform game where our friend Pikachu has to collect all the balls from the screen without being able to capture enemies. To pass the level you must collect the ball pokemon
Pokemon rescue
In New York it has produced a series of bombings and all the survivors are on the roofs of buildings. Your mission is to rescue all the survivors with a rescue helicopter. You have to land where you are the survivor
Helicopter to the rescue 2
In New York it has produced a series of bombings and all the survivors are on the roofs of buildings. Your mission is to rescue all the survivors with a rescue helicopter. You have to land where you are the survivor
Helicopter to the rescue
Mario has to rescue his princess. You must avoid the barrels that Donkey Kong throws. Use the stairs to climb the platform and dodge the barrels to get where he is the princess. Reaches where the princess to the next level
Mario to the rescue
These chickens can not fly the nest and want to get your great wit. Barriers have to disappear to make the chickens get into the nest without being able to leave. Try casting all the chickens as possible to the next level
Rescue chickens
Play this fun adventure game with our friend Diego. Our friend Diego has to rescue the baby animals of this island. Must be flown by plane and helicopter to rescue the baby boom of the animals
Diego Rescue latter one
Great game helicopter, where you have to dodge all the missiles of the enemies and go destroy the bases of the same.
Helicopter rescue