Play The king of the island 2

The king of the island 2 Games

Fight the enemy with violence and wins. When you conquer the opponents base shared experience points to evolve.

Games Robot War Strategy

Robot War Strategy
Experience an intense war of castles where you have to destroy all the soldiers of the castle opposite. Throw bombs with your cannon so that you eliminate all potential enemies, the first to eliminate all opponents, is the winner

Games Castles Worms

Castles Worms
The purpose of this game is to destroy all the castles that you entrust fence, as a good commander of your own army. Use your catapults and care to the hostages, those you should not harm them.

Games Castles shattered

Castles shattered
The enemy warriors want through the walls of your castle and you have to stop with your powerful shot arc. Earn money to buy upgrades and new weapons

Games Archery: Defender castles

Archery: Defender castles
Play this fun Spongebob game where you have to build sand soldiers to fight against the evil wizards who want to destroy the castle of SpongeBob. You have to collect all the sand that falls from the sky to build soldiers

Games SpongeBob SquarePants: Sand Castles

SpongeBob SquarePants: Sand Castles
Stay with this great card trick in this funny animation and then do it with your friends.

Games Magic

Have a good time playing this fun game of pinball. You have to get a large sum of points hitting the ball pinball

Games Pinball Magic

Pinball Magic
Fun game to alter pictures of our friend Mirror`s Edge. You can modify any part of the picture just to click in the desired part. You have two photos to edit as you like. A game in the mood for the whole family

Games Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror
Defend your castle from all tyrants who want to destroy your fortress. You have to move the mouse from left to right to strike with the hammer to remove them all in a limited time

Games Magic Hammer

Magic Hammer
Mixed games platform and escape. Interacts with a character able to see the world in three perspectives, such as chemical or technically as supernatural and finally the normal view that the world we see.

Games Magic portals

Magic portals
Makes this ugly witch in a beautiful princess using magic potions.

Magic Potion
Today our friend Barbie has risen to a bad day, does not stand with ball. Help her to makeup for a job interview.

Magic Makeup
Libera impressive spells packed battles in this brand new role-playing card game. Create your own strategy to kill your enemy in the shortest time possible.

Magic and tactic
Elsa Dress with new magic dresses, check the closet and choose as many outfits as you like

Frozen, magic dresses
In this game SpongeBob has to get to the goal with your help and your wits. Do everything possible to make our friend Sponge Bob can get to the finish flag in the fastest time possible

SpongeBob and magic mirrors
Jewel In this game you have to pop all the magical stars before they reach the bottom of the screen

Jewel: Magic stars
Naruto has lost magic key that opens the coffers of the jungle and now you have to face exciting adventures to collect the magic key. Find the key and open the chest to reach the next level

Naruto in search of magic key
Play this fabulous Aladdin game where you have to find hidden objects out of the cave where you have fallen. You will also have to overcome more levels to conquer Princess Jasmine

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
Play another fun mini Barbie makeup game for a very special party. Use your skills to make up Barbie as you want

Barbie: Magic Makeup
In this football game you have to throw the ball as far as possible and collect all the gold nuggets that are in the way. Use the mouse to play this game

Football: Magic Shot
Looking for the magic formula to create the perfect lipstick to get your Prince Charming. Interacts with the mouse to create your magic lipstick and so will become a frog into a prince

Kiss the Frog Magic
Paint, color, takes all the imagination you can then submit your artwork to Mickey and Minnie in a romantic dinner.

Disney Magic Slate
Step into the shoes of a fairy, and thinks that he might favor look more like a little fairy

Magic Fairy Dressup
The game consists in remembering the order in which images are projected. Once designed and memorized, repeated manually. A no to the next level.

Simpsons Magic Ball
Barbie has to attend an important party and have to look elegant. Help Barbie to choose a stylish makeup and do not forget to choose a beautiful dress for the party

Make up Barbie with makeup magic
In this game you have to try not to get caught on objects falling from the sky. Try to collect all the clocks and all the hearts you can. Use the arrow keys to move

The Godfathers magic: One million wishes
Put on your apron and serves pizza restaurant tables where many hungry customers eager to take a bite of the delicious pizzas at this restaurant cocináis

Pizza King 2
It all began when rebels began castles has rob merchants, all the villagers are terrified because of the rebels. Talk to the king of the castle and put an end to the terror of the merchants fighting against thousands of enemies

The Rise of a King
You are the king of this realm and you have to rescue the queen of the revolution that has kidnapped somewhere in the kingdom. Avanza levels killing enraged many enemies in order to find the queen

The enraged king
The king has left you in charge of your first child and now you have to take care with love so baby does not get to mourn. Fill the tub with water and bathe the baby, choose a nice and elegant dress for my King

Bathing the son of King
Already a specialized foot soldier with sniper rifles, I have preferred to work in a very complicated task because you have to infiltrate enemy territory, blend in and shoot all the enemies that are within range

Sniper King
In this game you have to put this handsome prince who is about to become king. Afeta, combs, brushes his teeth and choose a nice dress to announce the position of king

Shaving King
Great fighting game where you can play in two player mode. Choose your character most desired and fight against all opponents

King of the fight