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Today you have to play the role of a veterinarian to treat the dental problems of this cat. Use the tools to heal the mouth of this cute kitty Cats at the Dentist
This cat needs your help because he needs a good washing, combing, drying and may require a vaccine. You also have to make a bed so you can take a nap Pet Care: Cats
In this game you have to take care of animals having a good time playing and taking care of this beautiful cat. You can play with the cat, feeding, clothing and much more. Use your mouse to play this fun game Caring for cats
You have to throw the fish to the cat. These cats are hungry and your mission is to throw it high to fish that reach the mouth, the more fish you`ll eat more points to the next level. Interact with the mouse Cats and fish
Play this game 2 player platform where you have to get to the top of each phase with some nice cats. Interact with the arrow keys and the keys A, D, S and W for the movement of each cat. Cats Warriors 2
If you like cats a lot, create your own. Put the ears that you like, put his tail coolest what you want and the way you want. Create cats
Have exclusive beauty salon for cats, everyone will want you ASEES the cat and pick a nice hat and a pretty necklace Wash dirty cats
You`ve found your guy when you made coffee and now your boy also wants to have coffee with you to conquer. Can he conquer? Naughty Boyfriend 2
Help this guy is enjoy your vacation doing some pranks on the girls in the hotel. You have to do as many tricks as you can before time runs out Naughty Hotel
Keep playing pranks on your summer class to have a good time. As you know you have to click where you think you can do a prank to other classmates laugh at the innocent. Have fun! Naughty Classroom
Set the mood in which you have to keep doing mischief to the prettiest girls in the game. You have to do all the mischief before time runs out The Naughty Elevator
The parade of beautiful girls is about to start but you have to do some pranks on the girls to have a good time. Make mischief girls without them noticing! Naughty Pageant
The holidays arrive and it`s time to do some mischief. You have to do as many tricks as possible to cheer on your friend, lol. Have a good time making your own! Naughty Holiday
Help these sick kids have a good time playing tricks on the nurses who roam the hospital. Click the mouse where you think you can crack a joke Naughty Nurses
Play pranks another fun game where you have to parade banter is on the screen. Use the mouse to play pranks Naughty Parade
Are you ready to make some jokes to your girlfriend? Help this boy to spend a few jokes to his girl. Use the mouse to play this game in the mood Naughty Boyfriend
Great adventure game graphics and humor. You are in love with the nanny and you have to make mischief for this girl to fall in love with you. Use your mouse to play pranks Naughty Babysitter