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In this mysterious isla. Hay a giant crab that has robbed him lunch at our friends the Indians. Go after him! Islander boys
Help these kids to play tricks on their teachers and classmates. You have to use the mouse to pick up objects and create new objects with which you can make your own. Try to do all the mischief before it`s too late Naughty boys in school
This is a game where Justin Bieber mood has to save as many babies as you can, but it needs your help to save the maximum possible babies. Sends breast their babies for a stretcher to be picked Justin No more babies
In this game you have to look after the baby is passed without getting any. You should take it otherwise will be put to mourn. You have to bathe and feed them Babies
These babies in a nursery and you have to take good care not to put to mourn. Take care of the babies and feed them without making a mistake. Interact with the mouse Small babies
You have to pick baby toys and pacifiers in time as possible because you can wake up and mourn. have to take care Caring for babies 2
These dinosaurs have just come into the world and need a parent to care, take care of it and is making money with your help. Dino Babies
This baby has to bathe, dry and dress with a nice costume for carnival. Use the mouse to play this game Wash and dress babies
In this game you have to take care of babies all babies look after customers. Lovingly cares for babies to get their happiness and earn a good tip Caring for babies in the nursery
My parents have left the care of my little sister and I have to wash my sister fondly. Asea this baby and try to sleep. Luck! Caring for babies: My sister
Work in this nursery and this year has touched a very whiny babies. You have to do everything that the baby you want. Use the mouse to play this fun baby care game Caring for crying babies
You`re the new manager of caring for newborn babies and your mission is to care for all babies. First you have to put it in the cradle and then feed him to not cry. Try that babies do not cry for you not to draw attention Caring for babies in the hospital
Draculaura has to take care of his brothers twins and it has to maintain a good mood, otherwise you will start the level again. Bathing, dressing and caring for these babies with all your love Monster High cares for babies
This puppy wants to play with him and also wants you to be all clean wash. If you prefer, you can choose a nice dress Take care of your dog
Play as the oculist of these children you see in the picture. Explore the eyes of the guys lovingly careful not to hurt and heal sick eyes Eye Care
You should care for this pet as best you can. Pet Care
New shooter game, this time the target is the target that is hanging from the balloons, sharpen your aim and shoot, remember that some balloons carry clocks, if you manage to reach some of them have more overtime. Care
What do puppies like to take care of cats and dogs? Well now you have several puppies and cats, you have to take care and pamper you to make this happy. Have fun! Take care of my puppies
This cat needs your help because he needs a good washing, combing, drying and may require a vaccine. You also have to make a bed so you can take a nap Pet Care: Cats
Agent P has left you in the care of her little baby because he has a meeting with his friends Phineas and Ferb. Play with the baby to have a good time while re Agent P Baby Care Agent P