Play Spartan

Spartan Games

Play this fun escape game where you`re a Viking who has lost his arms and is locked in the deep dungeons. Find your weapons and armor to fight the Romans

Games Vokingos vs Romans

Vokingos vs Romans

In this strategy game you have to defeat the Goblins moving your soldiers to drive them from the battlefield. Use your mouse to play this game

Games Spartans vs Goblins

Spartans vs Goblins

Enjoy yourself playing this fun game Clone Wars adventures. You have to fly to the top of the ship killing enemies and dodging, but mostly do not fall into the void, otherwise you will die and the game will start again

Games Star Wars, Clone Wars Adventures

Star Wars, Clone Wars Adventures

Play this fun puzzle game where you have to build your city of Rome. You have to match three or more objects to remove them and get points. Eliminates blue squares to complete the level before the time ACAV

Games Cradle of Rome

Cradle of Rome

Match trios exchanging tokens with other tokens, see making money and resources.

Games Rome Puzzle

Rome Puzzle

Interact with the lights of the city of Rome traffic to flow normally. You have to try that no accident will not occur while you are in charge of traffic lights

Games Traffic frenzy in Rome

Traffic frenzy in Rome

In this mini game wars have to protect your base from a devastating cannon where you have to kill all the enemies, get money to buy upgrades

Games Wars


Pilot a helicopter war to bust armored tanks of the war in Syria. Destroy all the tanks so that your allies can advance

Games Helicopters of wars

Helicopters of wars

Play this gangster game based on the famous game of GTA 5. Answer the phone to make the first mission, surely you have to get a gun and kill someone. To steal cars have to get close and press the ENTER key

Games Gang Wars

Gang Wars

In this game you have to win the game balloon wars. You have to push your player with the left mouse button to move and release the button when you want to launch a balloon

Games Wars of balloons

Wars of balloons

The Smurfs have been angry with each other and are separated into two groups, are the Smurfs Smurfs whites and reds. You have to throw snowballs to eliminate the Red Smurfs. You can play in two player mode

Smurfs Wars

In this card game you pick the cards you want to use to defeat your opponent. Get food and gold to create more soldiers

Letters Wars 2

Play this exciting mini platform game where you are a spy and your mission is to enter a military base and transmitters placed at the antennas. Destroy all the machines and do not let them kill you

Abe Clone Wars

Great war game where you have to make several secret missions throwing grenades and shooting with dozens of different weapons. Your mission is to recover the flags in the shortest possible time

Haters Wars

Indiana Jones has awakened in a strange alien ship full of strangers. Your mission is to find life alien before they devour you. Kill all the alien, but be very wary of deadly traps that are on the ship

Alien Wars

You`re in college and has organized several bands to take control of the school, you will prevent you from abusing other bands.


Manage your favorite species and kill other species that are altering the public order.

Animal Wars

Another animation of smalls bunnies, this time maintaining a war with some aliens who want to invade Earth.

The Wars Of Worlds

Funny animation set in the classic saga star war, very funny and entertaining

Stick Wars

Card game very similar to Magic The Gaterings, having to tear down the opponents castle

Castle Wars

In this Star Wars game you have to fight against opponents using your lightsaber, but you have to be very fast because as money mistake will be charged and you`ll be ruined

Star Wars: Swords

Interact with Vader in this motorcycle game where you have to do tricks in the air to score points. You have to beat the score of each level and try not to crash, otherwise it will start again

Star Wars: Motorcycles

You use your skills to master Jedy for jumping robot in robots to remove them and get points. Press the left mouse button to jump and kill the androids

Star Wars: Jedy

Fight to protect your military base and for that you have to shoot the enemies, get money to buy new weapons and upgrades

Wars: Protect the base

Your tribe is in trouble, is being besieged by a neighboring tribe. Help them to reorganize the army to a good defense.

Teelonians clan wars

Nice animation of the Simpsons and Star Wars. Funny animation of the Simpsons become the characters in the movie Star Wars

Simpson Star Wars

In this game you lead a robot with which you will have to be moving through a cave, Move with the cursor and the c to turn your vision

Star Wars D2R2

Kill all zombies that come on screen and watch out for the demon that will throw flames of fire to kill.

Boxhead The Zombie Wars

Funny animation about the Wars in which he recounts a short film about the film.

Star Wars: movie

Star Wars game where you have to fight the master of the lightsaber, select the most desired and fighting a duel to the death against the best fighter character lightsabers. Who will win?

Star Wars lightsaber battles

Hulk is in the desert and one war tanks are attacking him but decided to throw Hulk to get it out of the way. You have to throw the tank as far as possible

Hulk Launches wars tanks

Anakin takes the victory in this battle of lightsabers. Interact with the arrow keys for movement, Z to attack, jump attack with X and C to push with force.

Star Wars: Anakin Skywalker

Aim and shoot the terrorists who come on screen. Beware of enemies who are really mad and want you dead. Can you survive a terrorist invasion is ?. Do not let you shoot to stay alive

Dark Ops Shooter

Combat Training is a survival game where you have to learn to survive. You`re an outsider who has to go deep into enemy military base. Be careful with enemies who are very angry because of your absence

Combat Training