classics sonic
Play another fun game where you have to shoot Sonic rings to kill Eggman robots created to kill our friend Sonic Sonic home
Mario Bros and Sonic have teamed up to play this fun platform game where you have to collect the corresponding key for each character and get everyone in your home. Remember you have to enter once the two wing on the appropriate home Mario N Sonic
Sonic returns for us to play with another fun game where you have to run like riding his new skateboard. Get to the finish avoiding all obstacles in the screen Sonic skateboarding
Play classic Bomberman game with our friends from the world of Sonic. You have to drop bombs to kill your enemies and find the exit door Bomberman Sonic
Play this cool game Sonic riding his new bike water where you have to sprint and jump ramps impressive. You must reach the goal in the shortest time possible Sonic: Jet Boat
Have a good time playing the classic game of Mahjong with Sonic game characters. You have to find all pairs to the next level Sonic Mahjong
Sonic returns to participate in the great race of the Sonic world where you have to choose the most desired character and win every race. If you pass the level you have to win them all, otherwise you will start the level again Sonic Kart
Sonic has to win the race rocket and you have to help steer the rocket. Choose the most desired character and collect all the firecrackers to reach the goal. The first to arrive is the winner Sonic in rocket
Our friend Sonic has changed his shoes for a motocross bike. You have to collect all the rings of the screen and get to the bottom of the screen without crashing otherwise begin again the level Sonic in motocross
In this game you can think like Sonic Tails reach with just deleting objects. To pass the level you have to remove the items needed for our friend Sonic gets rolling to meet Tails Sonic and Tails
Our dear friend Sonic has had to buy a spaceship to kill all those sent by Eggnan. Kill the enemies to get money and buy new weapons Sonic the clouds
New adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog most famous of the minigames. Get as many rings, jump ramps and get beat all the levels. Sonic The Runner
Surf with Sonic and get as many rings as possible. You will get to face with Eggman and defeat him. Dodge the obstacles to reach the end of the game still alive. Sonic Surfing
We give you the opportunity to make your own super Sonic hedgehog. Think about whether you like the color in reality. But so, change it by your choice, place new ears and a different color, lol, that game more fun. Sonic creator
Sonic is tired of winning battles Robotnick always in the same manner, you need a new motivation. And he thought about taking a gun this time to see if it will, help her out of this. Sonic assault
Sonic uses a launcher to destroy all the robots created by Dr. Robotnick. Remember that TVs with the image of Sonic`s face is life. Launch Sonic
Heres a sonic puzzle to reconstruct all the pieces fit correctly Sonic Slide
Sonic platform game where you must collect the rings you see on the screen Adventure Of Sonic
Sonic completes the puzzle of fitting the pieces in the right place. Puzzle Sonic
This time Sonic will catch the snow board and become the king of snow. Sonic Snowboarding