robotnik classics run emeralds warriors jewelry couples sonic bejeweled puzzles
You have to go to these soldiers to exit, how to handle them is to press the cursor address below. But beware, if you press jump jump all you`ve chosen by clicking the cursor. Good luck. Warriors 20
These two penguins have to save the princess who is kidnapped in the depths of the forest, you have to choose one of the two penguins and fight strange creatures created by the devil himself Penguin Warriors
Show your skills with the weapons in this exciting shooting game where you have to survive a wave of samurai warriors Shots warriors
Play this fighting game where you can choose several different warriors and fight against thousands of enemies in a fight to rescue your queen. Learn to make devastating combos to help you defeat the enemies Heroes warriors
Play this game 2 player platform where you have to get to the top of each phase with some nice cats. Interact with the arrow keys and the keys A, D, S and W for the movement of each cat. Cats Warriors 2
Play the classic game of Pou version. You have to remove all color Pou before time runs out. How many levels can move forward? Pou Bejeweled
Play another fun game Jeweld with ocean fish. You have to align objects to mark the blocks, you have to check all the blocks to advance to the next level Bejeweled at sea
Again you have to help Steve to complete all levels of this game Jewel where you will have a great time playing this fun game. Use the mouse to play Minecraft Bejeweled
Burst heads Simpson aligning three or more heads. Great game Jewel, you will cherish hours playing The Simpsons Bejeweled
Play classic game Barbie bejeweled, you have to align all Barbie blocks of the same color to remove them. You have to remove all the forests before the time runs out Barbie Bejeweled
In this game you have to eliminate all possible gems with your mouse. Click adjacent gems three or more gems, be careful of the time is not finished before deleting all the gems El Chavo del 8 Bejeweled
Play the classic Bejeweled game based in Egypt. For those who have never played this game you have to align objects vertically or horizontally before time runs Bejeweled in Egypt
Play another fun game with more levels Beleweld new and new bonuses. You have to align diamond shapes that break all the blocks on the screen. There are forty levels! Bejeweled: Diamonds
Play Bejeweled another fun game where you have to connect the objects to get many bonuses. Interact with your mouse to align objects Bejeweled sports
Test your skills by connecting three or more objects in this game of Bejeweled. To pass the level you have to connect three or more diamonds in the boxes marked with a darker color, in a limited time Bejeweled: Tropical
Help Mickey Mouse to play the classic game Bejewejed. You must align vertically or horizontally Mickey Mouse heads of the same color before the time runs out Mickey Mouse: Bejeweled
Play the classic Bejeweled game based on the game Plants and Zombies. You must align objects to break three or more blocks. Break all the blocks before time runs out Plants and Zombies: Bejeweled
Magic balls have changed color and now Goku has to alienate the balls with its corresponding color. Help Goku to play this lovely game of Bejeweled Dragon Ball Z: Bejeweled
Play classic Jewel game with our friends Phineas and Ferb. You have to align all the diamonds and emeralds in a limited time. Use the mouse to move the diamonds Phineas and Ferb: Bejeweled
Enjoy another fun game of dispute where a war of pirate ships. You have to align objects that are the same, you have to be three or more to remove Bejeweled: Pirate Ship