Shin Chan Adventures Games

Point and shoot, toy ninja stars on back of our unforgettable and dear friend Shin Chan, who is hiding around a beautiful landscape typical Japanese.

Games Shin Chan ass, ass

Shin Chan ass, ass

Shin Chan has to escape this maze of Bomberman and it needs your help. Place bombs as you kill your enemies and find the exit door

Games Shin Chan, Bomberman

Shin Chan, Bomberman

Great platform game where our friend Shin Chan has to become ultra hero and many animals to complete the level. Your mission is to collect all the diamonds are on the screen

Games Shin Chan, transformer

Shin Chan, transformer

Shin Chan helps find all the candy he has hidden his mother, watch out for animals that are around the house are not very friendly. Interact with the arrow keys for movement.

Games Shin Chan ultraheroe

Shin Chan ultraheroe

Shin Chan is in trouble, has engaged in a maze with poor visibility and now I know how to get out. Help him with your mouse to leave the maze and if you find some torches do not hesitate to take them.

Games Shin Chan Labyrinth

Shin Chan Labyrinth

Have a good time playing this game Shin Chan where transformed into Ultra Hero and have to walk through the deep snow and kill all your enemies with devastating cannon

Games Shin Chan: Snow Canyon

Shin Chan: Snow Canyon

Discover the twenty levels of Shin Chan at full speed on his bicycle jumping impressive jumps. You have to collect all the stars possible for a high score

Games Shin Chan at full speed

Shin Chan at full speed

Ben 10 is inside an alien ship and has to investigate these aliens who are planning. Shoot your powerful laser gun and kill all these aliens

Games Ben 10 Platforms

Ben 10 Platforms

Move with Pikachu to collect all the apples on each level without getting caught enemies. Jump and dodge the enemies to continue advancing levels. Have a good time!

Games Pikachu platforms

Pikachu platforms

Comes the new version of Monopoly platforms. You have to roll the dice and advance to the boxes for the number you left on the dice then you must collect all the money that falls from the sky before your opponent

Monopoly: Platforms

The aim of this game is simple ... delete tables, bombs and do everything possible for the robot to fall, do not leave the platform. Can you do it?

Robots on the platforms

In this game you are the Captain América and your mission is to kill all the villains of the screen with the help of your super shield. Throw your shield by pressing M and hit you have to press the N key Enjoy!

Captain América: Platforms

Interact with Santa Claus in this fun platform game where you have to deliver Christmas presents. Shoot your gun snowballs at enemies and eliminate them

Santa Claus: Platforms

Play this fun game of Batman in a platform game where you have to kill tens of mutant zombies and find the exit but be careful of the deadly traps

Batman vs Zombies: Platforms

Can you imagine a war of snowballs Cartoons with your friends! Choose your favorite characters and an exciting fight snowball war. To play this game you have to enlarge the screen or select full screen

War Cartoons

Wrestling game where you can create your characters with tips from other characters, you can also play in two player mode. Have fun!

Wrestling, Cartoons

Have a good time playing this fun game where you have to exploit cartoons all the bubbles on the screen trying not to run out of flow. Luck!

Cartoons: Flow

Cartoons Our friends have also traveled to the London Olympics. Choose your mission and interacts with the characters of Cartoons to win gold medals. Win medals to unlock new screens

Olympics Cartoons

In this game you have the opportunity to color all our friends and Disneys Cartoon. Goku can also color pictures and many TV series

Coloring cartoons

Live a new experience with these Heroes Cartoons where you have to win a race with cartoons characters. Choose your favorite character and win all your opponents

Heroes Racing Cartoons

Some individuals have been cast in the big party and Cartoons are destroying entire dance floor, but you have to stop it. Choose the desired character more Cartoons and fight against enemies

Fights at the party Cartoons

Decorate your hands with the latest technology in manicures and tattoos. Now you can manicure your hands and make a nice tattoo drawings and Disney Cartoons

Tattoos Manicras and Cartoons

Are you ready to participate in the motorcycle race Cartoons! Choose your favorite character and gánales all opponents to prove that you`re cast for this. To move forward with the bike you have to press the arrow keys

Cartoons Motorcycle race with obstacles

Fight with Jackie Chan in this fun fighting game. Your mission is to kill all the ninjas and you get left alone, that Jackie Chan is no longer for many fights

Jackie Chan

Atrevete child with this puzzle of our friend Chin Chan, where it is being persecuted by samurai warriors.

Chin Chan Puzzle

Enter the world of survival where you have to survive the massive waves of armed enemies. Choose the character you like and get to attack anyone you see hanging around the fortress. Do not hesitate to shoot enemies!

Fortaleza Sentinel

Interact with Rigby on Christmas Eve where you have to run as fast as you can so you do not catch the dense ice storm. Walks and runs through the most dangerous roads of the North Pole in search of Christmas

Rigby runs at Christmas

Stories Regular Show current or want to play this fun game where Mordecai has to pick up some snacks and above all have to find your friend Rigby. Every time you advance to a new level you will find new surprises.

Regular Show Friendship

Move with Finn in the jungle killing all the enemy bugs that threaten to kill you. Use the poison to eliminate the enemies, do not forget to collect all the Christmas presents to complete the level and move to the next

Adventure Time, War On Christmas

Step into the shoes of a super police where you have to blast away the enemies trying to terrorize the streets of the island. Walk, jump, dive and shoot the enemies you encounter on the island. Press the X key to shoot !.


Love The Smurf Smurfette want surprises on the day of his birthday. Avanza levels in Smurf Enamorado. You have to collect all the gifts haiga at each level and of course all birthday cakes.

Smurfs Adventure

In this game you are a ninja and your mission is to advance levels walking stealthily to attack your enemies. Use the martial arts to take out enemies, destroys all the boxes you see on the screen to get rewards.

Super Ninja Strike

Despite their low graphics is a very entertaining game. In this game you are a soldier who has to move forward levels, killing enemies and solving puzzles. Explore the land in search of coins and weapons. Have fun!


Play with your favorite characters from the TV series Clarences. There are many levels and many challenges have to be overcome. Surely you will not get bored lethal adventures. Have fun!

Amazing Clarences