famous humor obama presidents ability
Again the evil Pigsaw has kidnapped President Obama to play his evil and diabolical game. This time you will have to escape the house and try Pigsaw you can not kidnap more Obama Saw Game 2
The evil Red Queen has kidnapped Alice and beheaded plans. Enter the country Wonderland to rescue her before it is too late! Obama In Wonderland
President Obama has to take a rally in London and has very little time to reach the destination and the road is in bad shape. Motorbike Ride president and reaches its destination before it`s too late Obama is late
Another exciting game Play President Obama where the evil Count Dracula has kidnapped Frankenstein to harness your energy and create a fearsome army of vampires who rule the world. Luck! Obama Van Helsing
Terrorists have entered by force to seize the White House President Obama and now you have to get in the skin of the president to kill all the terrorists Obama Battleship
Obama has to save Scooby Doo and his friends from a demonic mansion where are enclosed by a strange supernatural force. Research throughout the mansion and opens all the doors to find Scooby Doo. Beware of ghosts! Obama In The Dark 2
The evil Rasputin plans to open a dimensional portal to free terrible monsters to try to destroy the planet Earth. Help Obama defeat this evil character before you reach your job! Obama Hellboy
The evil Frieza goes to earth to destroy the Earth, but President Obama has to stop this evil tyrant come and destroy the planet Earth. Obama has to find the magic balls to resurrect Goku ours migo Obama Ball Z
Fancy hitting the president of the United States? In this game you can beat Obama or Romney who you want. Choose an object to do much damage hits Obama vs Romney
Obama and his wife are enjoying a football match and try to kiss but they must do so with great discretion. Press the left mouse button when you want to kiss Obama Kisses
The President of the United States has locked up the fearsome Saw in a labyrinth full of deadly traps and now you have to help him escape this maze. Think carefully before making a folly, a mistake may charge a life Escape: Saw vs. Obama
Traditional game of chess with the face of U.S. politicians. Choose your level and attack. Obama chess
Play this fun game of tennis with Obama and bin Laden. You have to hit the grenade and play like a tennis ball, but be careful because this grenade has little time to exploit Laden Vs Obama: Tennis
Interact with President Obama in this graphic adventure game where you have to save the planet earth of legend Maya. Search for any object that is useful to stop Maya legend Obama saves the world`s end
Complete this puzzle of Spiderman shaking hands with President Obama. Press the red button at the bottom left of the screen. Try to complete the puzzle in the shortest possible time Spiderman vs Obama: Puzzles
In the White House is a nuclear attack, affecting all citizens whether genetically. They have become a kind of zombies. But there Obama is the president to retain the outposts of zombies. Obama kills zombies
Once again President Obama has to save the human race from Prince Nuada who plans to awaken dangerous Dorado army. Help Obama defeat Dorado army before it`s too late! Obama Hellboy 2: The Golden Army