penguins animals racing sleds 3d cartoon snow
I found in the North Pole and you must hit the penguin with a mallet when out of hiding. Catch it! Hit the penguins
These penguins brothers have to find her mother and it has to fight cavemen and dangerous creatures. To move to the next level you have to get home safe and healthy Penguins War 2
This is a graphic adventure game where the animals have to find that shows the eye is at the bottom of the screen. Move the arrow to the top of the screen to switch to the desired language Where are the animals?
Feed the animals with the best food at their disposal. Animals
Help this penguin has to rescue the humans that have been frozen by the cold temperatures, now you have to use the weapon to awaken and save human life. There are 30 levels! Can you overcome them? Penguins minus
Throw your evil penguins to polar bears. Your mission is to kill all the polar bears but before you have to send your soldiers to war Penguins ready for war
Feel the snow in your face playing this fun mini snowboard racing game where you must collect all the stars possible and throw your opponents star Snowboard: Penguins
In this game you have to ingeniártela minium for each pair of pet including yours. You have to move the sausage to run the desired pet, but remember that cats with dogs do not get along very well Animals with family
Because of a very naughty gorilla has escaped all the zoo animals and now you have to trap the animals escaped Locking the zoo animals
Support Lobita Doraemon`s friend has selected all the animals of each screen, but be very careful not to go wrong, otherwise you will start the level again Doraemon looking animals
The penguins are sick of zombies are annoying and have hired a super penguin able to defeat all the zombies once and for all Zombies vs Penguins
This mother penguin has lost their children because of an avalanche and now you have to help this mother to recover her children. Use the arrow keys to move, press the spacebar to shoot snowballs Penguins Adventure
In this fun game to shoot the penguins have to aim well and hit the shots for a high score. Try to kill the penguins in one shot Shoot the penguins
In this game you have to thaw penguins the penguins that have been frozen by the frost. Your mission is to thaw the penguins so they can go home Penguins Wild
Impressive animal game where the goal is to win the race. Animals are very peculiar and played the race on two legs instead of four. Good luck and win! Animals in balance
Fun game of tennis between prehistoric characters. You`ll have to defeat a total of 3 to achieve take the most prestigious tournament of the season. Tennis of animals
You have to help this green bug to do their mission. You have to collect all the objects in this platform to follow and the next level. Interact with the cursor Green Animals
Play this tetris hungry animals. Your mission is to put the right food to each animal and anger from level dropped and the more times you pass a level more animals appear. Interact with the mouse Starved animals
You have to move the animals in a boat to land and who have just arrived and are at risk. Be careful because it can transfer into the water and lose the game. Interact with the arrow keys and mouse Save animals
The dead come alive and have been a baby penguin. You have to kill all the zombies with your skill and intelligence to rescue the baby penguin. Calculate the shots you do with your gun Zombies and Penguins