targets disney arrows pirates hook peter pan toecap training shots
Interact with Cupid and love to all the family with its corresponding pair. Hold down the left mouse button on the person you want to love Arrows
Aim and shoot with the bow to kill all the zombies in this game, you have to fine tune your aim because you have only one chance More arrows and zombies
Help Ben 10 ha tune your aim with archery. You have to aim and shoot the balloons on the screen and try not to leave any Ben 10: Bows and Arrows
Peter Griffin has to ride in a jeep to rescue his family who are in the middle of the African savannah. Peter Griffin helps control your vehicle for rough roads Peter Griffin in car
Have a good time playing this fun mini game where you have to Peter Pan coloring with the colors that you want Peter Pan Coloring
Help our friend Ben 10 to kill all the aliens that threaten to destroy our planet. Launches arrows to kill Martians and all you can before time runs out Ben 10 shot with arrows
Peter Pan has a date with Bell and want to be good- looking for her. Help Peter Pan has to choose a nice outfit for the meeting with Bell Peter Pan Dress
Help our friend Peter Pan has to find all differences in the images of this lovely game. You have to find all the differences in each level trying to take as little as possible Peter Pan seeks differences
Peter Griffin has to travel by motorcycle roads in very poor condition and has to find his son Stewie. Drive with caution because the road is in bad shape and can have a horrible accident Peter Griffin by motorcycle
You have to launch arrows at hearts as far as possible and you`ll lose you win. Interact with your mouse to get Shoot arrows of hearts
The goal of the game is to shoot the targets as accurately as possible to score more as if to reach a score of states, all in a maximum time. Gun Training
Naruto needs to train and learn new fighting techniques to face his worst enemy. Fight all the bugs you find along the way and learn new combos Naruto Training
Are you ready for your military service! In this game you have to train thoroughly in order to become a good soldier. Enter the house to save the hostages and kill all the terrorists Military Training
You`re a dog lover and want Hounds spend your free time with your beloved puppy, but for that you have to take good care of as well tie belt ride, remove fleas, walking, washing and playing with it. Fun! Bloodhound Training
You want a hit and perfect your shot with the sniper but this will have to shoot at moving targets. Press the space bar to zoom in Sniper: Training
You`re in a room where you can improve your handling with the football. This game involves kicking the ball but it bounces the white rectangle to earn points 3D Ball Training
Climb to the roof of the police station to train with the sniper rifle. You have to get the best shot of the Commissioner to exercise police Sniper Police Training
You are a new candidate Special Forces Swat, you want to prove yourself, aim and shoot all the swat before they shoot you and you get hurt. While you progress in levels you can buy new weapons Swat team training
Naruto goes to the forest in the company of his teacher Kakashi to do in training and will eliminate his enemies. Naruto Training Game
Our friend, Dora the Explorer has a new mission, to train this nice dog. You have to teach the dog to eat, turn around and many more activities to compete in the big contest Dora the Explorer, puppy training