shoot mutants bloody shooters shooting zombies
Play the new version of the game Kill Zombies Mutants. There are new levels and new characters! Aim to kill all the zombies on the screen play Killing Zombies Mutants 2

Killing Zombies Mutants 2

Aim well and kill all zombies mutants of the screen, but be very careful not to kill humans, otherwise you will start the level again play Killing zombies mutants

Killing zombies mutants

You have been trained only to kill zombies mutants and your mission is kill all the zombies on the screen but may not kill you. Points by pressing the space bar and shoot by pressing the left mouse button, cover as quickly as possible play Shooting the zombies 2

Shooting the zombies 2

You and village chief have a problem, the city has been attacked by a group of zombies that will try to destroy it. Your mission is to shoot them and defeat them. play Shooting the zombies

Shooting the zombies

The city is divided by a bridge because a part of the city is overrun by zombies hungry and you have to protect the barrier that separates a city from another. Shoot and annihilate all zombies play Shooting the zombies Bridge

Shooting the zombies Bridge

A plague of zombies animal approaches your home and you have to shoot mercilessly these terrifying animals. Invest your money in buying new weapons and upgrades play Shooting zombies to animals

Shooting zombies to animals

You are destined to explore an island full of zombies mutants in order to eliminate all the enemies zombies and find an antidote to cure the virus Zombies play Shooting the zombies on the island

Shooting the zombies on the island

Aim with your bow and arrows to shoot zombies for reventarles the head and move to the next level. Beware because ammo is scarce and you have the necessary arrows to kill the zombies screen
Shoot the zombies with bow
This is a very bloody game where you have to bust heads and kill all the zombies who want to hurt your sister and your rabbit. Try not to let any zombies, otherwise you will start the level again
Shoot the Zombies
Survival game where you have to survive several waves of hungry zombies. You are in your house chopped and you have to protect your family is inside the house. Your mission is to kill all zombies
Aim and shoot the zombies: Survival
In this game you have to shoot the zombies on the screen to kill them all. To pass the level you have to kill all the zombies on the screen trying not to run out of ammo
Luigi shoot the zombies
All elves Santa`s helpers have become zombies and want to steal all the toys in the house of Santa Claus. You have to shoot the mutant zombies and try not to let the house of Santa Claus
Santa Claus shoot the zombies
You`ve been caught in an ambush, defend to the death with the three best shooters strategically positioned to have an angle of 360 degrees.
The four shooters
If you like action games and bloody this game you`ll like because you have to kill many enemies with your guns and weapons that are in levels, activate doors to escape this nightmare. Enjoy!
Laboratory bloody
Play this exciting game to kill mutants. Pick your favorite weapon and kill all mutants that are released to you. Shoot the head to get the highest score
Shots mutants
Play this bloody Madness game where you pick a frightening mask and bust heads with a devastating weapon. Use the arrow keys to move, press the space bar to shoot
Madness: Bloody
This city is full of zombies and you`re the only survivor of the area, but hopefully you`re in the police station and you can borrow a police car, with which you can run over all the zombies and escape this cursed city
Bloody Roads
Spread in a very bloody race where you have to choose your character and try to get more desired at the end of the screen in one piece, otherwise you will have to enter the boot menu and play again
Careers bloody
Ivan is trained to kill mutants and you have to help kill all mutants of the screen. Eliminate all the snowmen to get money and buy upgrades and new weapons
Mutants vs. Ivan
You`re in the dining room of your school when all your classmates derrepente start behaving strangely. All students are mutated in a kind of zombies. Kill all the mutants and the person responsible for this tragedy
The bloody school
Bloody fighting game with well known characters such as Spiderman, Goku, Blade, Freddy, Wolverine, Optimus Prime, etc.
Bloody Fighter
Scientists are experimenting with a mutated gene. With the bad luck that there is a failure and become infected, making everyone in a mutant cannibals But to do this yourself, a professional soldier that you are going to remedy.
Flood mutants
Without realizing it you`ve put squarely in the mouth of the wolf. The city was quiet but now is full of undead and you have cornered a kind of mine.
Slaughter of mutants
The mutants have crept into the world of Mario and want to steal the princess. Help Mario to eliminate all mutants shooting fireballs. The ball can bounce and you can kill more of a mutant
Mario vs. Super Mutants
Kill all the aliens you encounter, they want to avoid that sends gifts to children.
Santa Claus bloody
With this game you will know if you have good aim. Cojees the bow and aim well with the arrows. You`ll have to give the block which is above the head without hurting the boy
Ten shooting
Play this fun action game where you have to shoot with a M4a1, a powerful machine gun capable of busting heads in one shot. Kill all the enemies before it`s too late
Shooting with a M4a1