Operate Now! Appendix Surgery Games

Already this hospital`s doctor and your mission is to cure all the babies that come into your query. Serving with love to all sick babies and try not to mourn

Games Cure Baby

Cure Baby

After taking resumes and resumes, you`ve been lucky and have called a bar. You`re a lovely girl and you must prove you`re apt to try and serve your customers!

Games I have work

I have work

Gumball and Darwin working on a building site and needs your help to be together since the charge of the work have separated because not stop talking. Use the arrow keys to move

Games Gumball in the work

Gumball in the work

This girl you see in the picture is called Catherine and today is his first day of work as a waitress in a restaurant near the beach, would like you have makeup and choose a nice dress

Games Makeover: The first day of work

Makeover: The first day of work

In this work have skipped safety standards and probably unexpected accidents occur that can cause the death of workers. You have to ensure that accidents occur

Games Accidents at work

Accidents at work

Live a new experience with our wacky Scooby Doo in the work. Your mission is to reach the bottom of the screen in one piece and for this you have to jump all the obstacles

Games Scooby Doo in the work

Scooby Doo in the work

The fairy has to work to get over this game, place the items in the line of the worm to complete each screen. Excellent game very similar to the classic Zuma.

Games The work light

The work light

Enjoy your new bike cross in the play in your city. You have to go through the checkpoint until the end of the screen. Try not to crash, otherwise you`ll start at the last checkpoint

Games Motocross in the work

Motocross in the work

These super in love with a coworker and she with you, you have a moment of passion at work. But of course, is neither the time nor the place for a kiss. Try that you will not see their own comrades.

Games Kissing During Work

Kissing During Work

This girl has to go to work and get clothes that do not know, help get the most suitable clothes.

Games Dressing for Work

Dressing for Work

Mounted in the police car and drive to the destination where you expect criminals. Stops all criminals to the next level. Drive carefully so as not to destroy the police car. Keep order in the city !.

Games Police emergency

Police emergency

Heal this Minion of multiple injuries caused by his brother. Try this Minion heal before she bleeds or that ladder

Minion Emergency

Play this fun racing game where you have emergency compete against your opponents and win the trophy. It shows everyone that you`re the fastest driving emergency vehicles

911 emergency Racing

Have a good time playing this fun game Despicable Me 2 where you have to climb to the top of this building avoiding all obstacles. Luck!

Despicable Me 2: Emergency

If you like this game medicine physician can do surgery. You new doctor this hospital and the doctor wants to test if you really are a good doctor

Medical Emergency

Elsa`s been bewitched by an evil spell and is now in the emergency room to heal as quickly as possible. Do not let our friend Elsa suffer for his multiple injuries. Cure and care for Elsa on Halloween night

Elsa Halloween in the emergency

Where open past this girl who has all the feet hurt, stop what you`re doing and help this girl to cure foot

Emergency Doctor feet

Hurry and fill the water tank fire truck to serve a very urgent service because a house is on fire and there are people inside. Your mission is to be on time and pay the flames of fire without anyone getting hurt

Fire truck, emergency

The manufactures of your city is on fire and you have to ride on the fire truck to get there, put out the fire and save the survivors. Drive at full speed to arrive on time and turn off heat

Fire: Emergency Truck

You are the driver of this ambulance and your mission is to time the place where the sick, pick them up and transport them to the hospital without destroying the ambulance, otherwise you will start the level again

Parking Emergency: Ambulances

Santa Claus had an accident while skiing with his sleigh. Now suffering several wounds and broken bones. Step into the shoes of a doctor to cure Santa. Hurry to heal Santa so that everyone treats on Christmas Eve

Santa Claus in hospital emergency

Dr. Elsa works in the emergency room and now has to heal his sister Anna of some wounds caused by a small accident in the frozen mountains of the Kingdom of Frozen. Anna Heals before it is too late!

Frozen, Dr. Elsa, emergency room

Interact with Rigby on Christmas Eve where you have to run as fast as you can so you do not catch the dense ice storm. Walks and runs through the most dangerous roads of the North Pole in search of Christmas

Rigby runs at Christmas

Interact with Stickman in this special game for Christmas. Have to advance levels throwing spider webs and dodging obstacles Christmas. Can you reach your destination ?.

Spider Stickman 5 Xmas Special

Use the crane to extract the gold. You have to have a lot of skill to collect gold and avoid the unwanted minerals. Can you get all the gold before the time runs out ?. Have fun !.

Gold mining

You are a ruthless piranha who just wants swallowing blood. Swallows as much blood as possible to satisfy your hunger and redeem liters of blood on upgrades for your fish. Swallow and eat everything you see considering that older fish can eat

Piranha attacks on Christmas

Play with your favorite characters from the TV series Clarences. There are many levels and many challenges have to be overcome. Surely you will not get bored lethal adventures. Have fun!

Amazing Clarences

Are you ready for boarding !. The Vikings are about to board the pirate ship where you are. You have to be attentive to their arrival to start shoot and kill all the enemies before they do unto you

Pirate Survival

Santa Claus has had an accident on his sled and is now in emergency room to heal and who can give you time to get to all the houses so that all children receive their Christmas presents. Let Santa so that all have gifts

Santa Claus in emergencies

Emmet has had a serious accident at work and is now in the hospital emergency room. Step into the shoes of a toy doctor to heal wounds, disinfects and look for x-rays to see if any invoiced bone

Lego Hospital

We must help our friend Violetta to escape a maze, where they pursue a nasty bugs. You must collect all the musical notes of his song before these nasty bugs take ownership of them

Violetta Fugue in Buenos Aires

The poor Santa Claus is stuck to the sled through the clouds and now Olaf is going to help you recover all gifts. Move with Olaf jumping from cloud to cloud without falling to recover all the lost gifts

Olaf collects gifts

In this game you have to move with a mermaid, you have to find all the diamonds that are submerged at the bottom of the sea. Dive into the depths of the ocean to catch a diamond and transport it to the surface where awaits your friend

Mermaids and treasures

Use the big crane to transport the materials needed for the construction of a new highway. Your mission is to conduct a large crane with trailers to transport goods by road in very poor condition

Transporting materials works

Nobita is back in trouble and his friend Shizuka wants to help. This time you have to interact with Shizuka flying through a strange cave where you have to redeem your friends. This game is based on the famous game Flappybird.

Shizuka flying

Doraemon and Nobita has to save the earth by planting plants that we have enough oxygen. Move around the world Doraemon around enemies and growing plants. Now you can go around the world in less than you expect!

Doraemon and Nobita save the Earth