Play Operate Now! Appendix Surgery

Operate Now! Appendix Surgery Games

Already this hospital`s doctor and your mission is to cure all the babies that come into your query. Serving with love to all sick babies and try not to mourn

Games Cure Baby

Cure Baby
After taking resumes and resumes, you`ve been lucky and have called a bar. You`re a lovely girl and you must prove you`re apt to try and serve your customers!

Games I have work

I have work
Heal this Minion of multiple injuries caused by his brother. Try this Minion heal before she bleeds or that ladder

Games Minion Emergency

Minion Emergency
Gumball and Darwin working on a building site and needs your help to be together since the charge of the work have separated because not stop talking. Use the arrow keys to move

Games Gumball in the work

Gumball in the work
Play this fun racing game where you have emergency compete against your opponents and win the trophy. It shows everyone that you`re the fastest driving emergency vehicles

Games 911 emergency Racing

911 emergency Racing
This girl you see in the picture is called Catherine and today is his first day of work as a waitress in a restaurant near the beach, would like you have makeup and choose a nice dress

Games Makeover: The first day of work

Makeover: The first day of work
Have a good time playing this fun game Despicable Me 2 where you have to climb to the top of this building avoiding all obstacles. Luck!

Games Despicable Me 2: Emergency

Despicable Me 2: Emergency
In this work have skipped safety standards and probably unexpected accidents occur that can cause the death of workers. You have to ensure that accidents occur

Games Accidents at work

Accidents at work
If you like this game medicine physician can do surgery. You new doctor this hospital and the doctor wants to test if you really are a good doctor

Games Medical Emergency

Medical Emergency
Live a new experience with our wacky Scooby Doo in the work. Your mission is to reach the bottom of the screen in one piece and for this you have to jump all the obstacles

Games Scooby Doo in the work

Scooby Doo in the work
The fairy has to work to get over this game, place the items in the line of the worm to complete each screen. Excellent game very similar to the classic Zuma.

Games The work light

The work light
Enjoy your new bike cross in the play in your city. You have to go through the checkpoint until the end of the screen. Try not to crash, otherwise you`ll start at the last checkpoint

Motocross in the work
These super in love with a coworker and she with you, you have a moment of passion at work. But of course, is neither the time nor the place for a kiss. Try that you will not see their own comrades.

Kissing During Work
This girl has to go to work and get clothes that do not know, help get the most suitable clothes.

Dressing for Work
Where open past this girl who has all the feet hurt, stop what you`re doing and help this girl to cure foot

Emergency Doctor feet
Hurry and fill the water tank fire truck to serve a very urgent service because a house is on fire and there are people inside. Your mission is to be on time and pay the flames of fire without anyone getting hurt

Fire truck, emergency
The manufactures of your city is on fire and you have to ride on the fire truck to get there, put out the fire and save the survivors. Drive at full speed to arrive on time and turn off heat

Fire: Emergency Truck
You are the driver of this ambulance and your mission is to time the place where the sick, pick them up and transport them to the hospital without destroying the ambulance, otherwise you will start the level again

Parking Emergency: Ambulances
Dr. Elsa works in the emergency room and now has to heal his sister Anna of some wounds caused by a small accident in the frozen mountains of the Kingdom of Frozen. Anna Heals before it is too late!

Frozen, Dr. Elsa, emergency room
Our friend has a horrendous Minnie earaches and wants you to help him heal. Take the role of a doctor and cure our friend before I suffer more pain

Hospital Minnie
Look great and Avie visit beach where you can find work and get new clothes. It is a simulation game where you have to survive the summer holiday rush

Avie on the beach
Elsa has had a serious accident while skiing with his new sled and now needs our attention so that we can heal as soon as possible so as not to suffer the terrible bone pain

Elsa Frozen recovers in hospital
From whence cometh our friend Peppa Pig comes a mess and as you see your mom will punish, we will help you get it is clean and cure minor wounds

Peppa Pig Wash
In this game there are two strange creatures who have to reconnect with each other, but this will have to think the solution for them to be together forever

Story Blob 2
In this game you have to be very skilled with the mouse because you have to move your character so that knock enemies to burst. What are you waiting to burst your enemies!

Urban unrest
Violetta has an incredible ear infection and is very upset with these so annoying pains, serving as fast as possible to our dear friend Violetta and cure infections before it`s too late

Violetta in the Hospital
Toothless is very ill and needs your help to recover soon. Hurry to heal Toothless so you can notify the tribe of the arrival of enemy dragons. Can get Toothless time?

How to train your dragon sick
Play this new adventure Mario and Yoshi where they have to travel through pipes Flappy Bir without colliding. Can you get to the bottom of the screen?

Mario and Yoshi Adventure Flappy
You have to have a lot of skill to put him goalkeeper goals of Lego. Seize the pass off and your teammates to score a great goal. How many goals will get?

Lego Soccer
Put on your apron and serves pizza restaurant tables where many hungry customers eager to take a bite of the delicious pizzas at this restaurant cocináis

Pizza King 2
Do you play football? Now you can play unlimited without registrations, free. Choose your most desired team and compete with your partner or your pc. The first team scoring 10 goals is the winner

Futbolin interactive
In this simulation game you have to repair an iPad, you have to change the screen with a new one to work perfectly. Can you fix it?

IPad Repair
Take the role of a midwife to help a mom to give birth to a baby. Follow all the manors of the game for the birth of the healthy baby and safe. Will it be boy or girl?

Giving birth to a baby
Talking Tom gave a gift to his girlfriend Angela. When you open the gift, there was a disgusting smell and she fell. Could you, please do first aid for a speedy recovery Angela?

Talking Angela first aid
You`ve found this cute abandoned in the street and has serious dental problems puppy, uses the tools of a dentist pet`s mouth healthy this pup. Do not let asynchronous!

Dogs with dirty teeth