Ninja runs runs Games

To your master ninja have set a trap and now he`s dead, all of this master ninjas have to avenge his death with blood and this will have to interact with all the ninjas and kill the culprit of this tragedy

Games The revenge of the ninja

The revenge of the ninja

Play this great game where you have to karate win the biggest tournament in Shanghai. Choose a username then customize your fighter and karate. Now you have to fight with your opponent, press the space key to fighting

Games Karate


You have to go to these soldiers to exit, how to handle them is to press the cursor address below. But beware, if you press jump jump all you`ve chosen by clicking the cursor. Good luck.

Games Warriors 20

Warriors 20

Great boxing game where this time the girls are going to give a good beating their opponents. Take cover and dodge the blows of your opponent to seize the right moment to throw a good punch

Games Girls warriors

Girls warriors

These two penguins have to save the princess who is kidnapped in the depths of the forest, you have to choose one of the two penguins and fight strange creatures created by the devil himself

Games Penguin Warriors

Penguin Warriors

Play this fighting game where your teacher will teach you some techniques of martial arts of karate. Follow the advice of your teacher to master the martial arts of karate

Games Karate: Qualifying

Karate: Qualifying

Play this fun game of Gumball where you have to travel around the city in search of energy drink and fight against all who stand in your way

Games Gumball Karate

Gumball Karate

Show your skills with the weapons in this exciting shooting game where you have to survive a wave of samurai warriors

Games Shots warriors

Shots warriors

Play this fighting game where you can choose several different warriors and fight against thousands of enemies in a fight to rescue your queen. Learn to make devastating combos to help you defeat the enemies

Games Heroes warriors

Heroes warriors

Free Karate is a street fighting game where you can choose several ways to fight fighters with very different. Choose the most desired character and kill all the enemies until you reach the bottom of the screen

Games Free Karate

Free Karate

Play this game 2 player platform where you have to get to the top of each phase with some nice cats. Interact with the arrow keys and the keys A, D, S and W for the movement of each cat.

Games Cats Warriors 2

Cats Warriors 2

Ben 10 is inside an alien ship and has to investigate these aliens who are planning. Shoot your powerful laser gun and kill all these aliens

Ben 10 Platforms

Play this passionate fighter. Nick is looking for energy drink and it has to deal with many very dangerous opponents. Nick is ready to fight with everyone and not afraid of anything

Karate: The Path to Power

Move with Pikachu to collect all the apples on each level without getting caught enemies. Jump and dodge the enemies to continue advancing levels. Have a good time!

Pikachu platforms

Comes the new version of Monopoly platforms. You have to roll the dice and advance to the boxes for the number you left on the dice then you must collect all the money that falls from the sky before your opponent

Monopoly: Platforms

The aim of this game is simple ... delete tables, bombs and do everything possible for the robot to fall, do not leave the platform. Can you do it?

Robots on the platforms

Bugs Bunny Coyote wants to fight a karate fighter. Fight with Bugs Bunny and give a beating to Coyote before the you of you

Karate: Bugs Bunny vs. Coyote

In this game you are the Captain América and your mission is to kill all the villains of the screen with the help of your super shield. Throw your shield by pressing M and hit you have to press the N key Enjoy!

Captain América: Platforms

Interact with Santa Claus in this fun platform game where you have to deliver Christmas presents. Shoot your gun snowballs at enemies and eliminate them

Santa Claus: Platforms

Play this fun game of Batman in a platform game where you have to kill tens of mutant zombies and find the exit but be careful of the deadly traps

Batman vs Zombies: Platforms

Ben 10 has all the skills of a true samurai and has to contend with numerous samurai. Use your sword to fight with enemies nearby, you can also throw ninja stars at enemies farthest

Ben 10: Last Samurai

Genjuro is a samurai who is very angry that you have stolen his master sword and you fight a wave of ninjas to recover the sword. You can use your fighting technique to eliminate the enemy


Scooby Doo wants to show the world that does not afraid of anything and today is to be mounted on a ship a little quirky to defeat the enemies that threaten to demolish the city. Shoot and dodge the enemies before they eliminate you

Scooby Doo in action

Play this game Bubble where you have to pop all the bubbles before they reach the bottom of the screen

Bubble Samurai

Fighting game where you are a samurai who must fight ninjas multiple murderers. You have to advance through levels and fight all the ninjas that you find on your way

Ninjas vs Samurai

The best samurai of the world have brought this great martial arts tournament and you have to show your opponents that you are the best. You can play in two player mode

Samurai fights

You alone can eliminate all the terrorists in this country and you can not defraud your embassy. Shoot It shattered mercilessly and these terrorists are plotting an attack

And action shots

Our beloved superhero must save all humans from the robots that want to eliminate the human race. Superman`s mission is to kill the androids indicated by the task before time runs out

Superman in Action

Play this game of fighting in the streets of Japan. Your teacher wants to know if you are prepared to fight with real samurai and wants you to knock out all opponents to see your progress

Japanese Samurai

This panda has to collect all the food of the screen and get the key to the next level. Move the mouse to calculate the power of the jump and when you are ready click the left mouse button

Samurai Panda

Play this fun game based on the classic game of Contra. You elected to infiltarse with the terrorists and your mission is kill all the terrorists to reach the leader. Kill all the tyrants before they kill you

Action City

Manage this ninja and play this entertaining adventure, use your sword to kill the fearsome monsters.

Samurai Jack

Go with this great character to fight for justice. Save the villagers of your people who welcomed you when you were little salvándote to no life, you owe him.

Samurai Jack 2

It`s time to face all the enemies of world peace with our superhero Robert Bob Parr of The Incredibles. Use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to blows.

The Incredible in action

Reaches the goal with your tank intact or with the least possible harm. Do not hesitate to shoot the objects that will interfere. It moves the cursor and fire with the space bar.

Tank in action

SpongeBob and Patrick have new missions to fulfill. This time they have to help support your partner to retrieve the key that opens the door. Open doors and activates new platforms to achieve your goal

SpongeBob and Patrick in action