animals mechanisms flies mosquitoes mutants frogs logic
Set the mood where you`re a fly very annoying and as the name suggests you have to bother this guy. Interact with the mouse to move Nuisance flies
As the title says, you have to use logic to this game, but beware of get stuck on this puzzle. Logic and trap
The goal of this game is to put your skills to the maximum intelligence. You have to put the ball in the hole, through mechanisms that they`ll be giving. Mechanisms
In this game you have to figure out how to remove all the prisoners shooting a gun so they fall into the void Mechanisms and gunmen
In this game you have to destroy fruit all fruits of the screen with the help of the mechanisms. Click with the left mouse button you want to move the fruit so it is destroyed. Think before you do the maneuvers Fruits and mechanisms
Captain Blackbeard is napping and the opportunity to steal all the treasures hidden in this island. You have to throw a ball of gold treasure chest, but is not as easy as it sounds ... Pirates and mechanisms
Play this exciting game to kill mutants. Pick your favorite weapon and kill all mutants that are released to you. Shoot the head to get the highest score Shots mutants
Ivan is trained to kill mutants and you have to help kill all mutants of the screen. Eliminate all the snowmen to get money and buy upgrades and new weapons Mutants vs. Ivan
Scientists are experimenting with a mutated gene. With the bad luck that there is a failure and become infected, making everyone in a mutant cannibals But to do this yourself, a professional soldier that you are going to remedy. Flood mutants
Without realizing it you`ve put squarely in the mouth of the wolf. The city was quiet but now is full of undead and you have cornered a kind of mine. Slaughter of mutants
Play the new version of the game Kill Zombies Mutants. There are new levels and new characters! Aim to kill all the zombies on the screen Killing Zombies Mutants 2
Aim well and kill all zombies mutants of the screen, but be very careful not to kill humans, otherwise you will start the level again Killing zombies mutants
The mutants have crept into the world of Mario and want to steal the princess. Help Mario to eliminate all mutants shooting fireballs. The ball can bounce and you can kill more of a mutant Mario vs. Super Mutants
This is a graphic adventure game where the animals have to find that shows the eye is at the bottom of the screen. Move the arrow to the top of the screen to switch to the desired language Where are the animals?
Feed the animals with the best food at their disposal. Animals
In this game you have to ingeniártela minium for each pair of pet including yours. You have to move the sausage to run the desired pet, but remember that cats with dogs do not get along very well Animals with family
Because of a very naughty gorilla has escaped all the zoo animals and now you have to trap the animals escaped Locking the zoo animals
Support Lobita Doraemon`s friend has selected all the animals of each screen, but be very careful not to go wrong, otherwise you will start the level again Doraemon looking animals
Impressive animal game where the goal is to win the race. Animals are very peculiar and played the race on two legs instead of four. Good luck and win! Animals in balance