disney monsters characters
This monster is an experiment a scientist obsessed with monsters and wants to test their machines with processing. Place the machine in the right place for this monster get their food Monsters of laboratories
Batman has to protect us from the evil monsters who want to kill all humans. Fight ruthlessly devastating and use your strength to kill all monsters Monsters vs Batman
You are in a spaceship near the moon and monsters have taken over the ship where you travel. You have to shoot their heads to remove, kill all the monsters before it`s too late Shoot the monsters
Play another game zuma fun. As you know you have to remove all the balls to the next level. To remove the balls have to align three or more balls of the same color Zuma: Monsters
Play this demo monster game vs Aliens. You have to take all the DNA found in the spacecraft and be careful with lacer rays that can really hurt you Aliens vs monsters
Discover the pairs of images of drawings of Monsters Inc, behind every door, a picture will remember it and look your partner. Monsters, Inc. on their doors
Do not let them catch SpongeBob, but yet you catch the monsters. Once trapped, inflate until they explode. Sponge Bob, monsters
Have a good time playing this fun puzzle game with one of the most anticipated pictures this summer as Monsters University, a great animated cartoon film Very funny! Monsters University: Puzzles
These monsters want to play the game of wrestling but with new rules and a ring a little peculiar. You have to beat your opponent pass so that on the red circle. The red circle to leave the battle lost Wrestling: Monsters in the pool
Interact with the Power Ranger in this game and platform struggles. You have to fight strange creatures ever seen by humans. Use the arrow keys to move, press A to fight and the S key to jump Power Ranger vs Monsters
In this particular cannon game you have to aim and shoot at the heads of the monsters to kill them, but be very careful with human heads that these are what you have to protect Canyon heads of monsters
This band of monsters want to visit all cities in the world and want to make a good impression. Create a band of very terrifying monsters or too pacifist as you want Create funny monsters
Point and shoot all the monsters on the screen, but be very careful not to kill humans. Hold down the left mouse button to calculate the power of the bullet. Remember to pass the level you have to kill monsters Canyon slayer monsters
Place where greater purpose to bomas. You must destroy all monsters on the basis of shock waves. When you place the bombs should only trigger the detonator and boom! Eliminate the monsters with bombings
Play this fun game of fetch equalities of the film Monsters vs. Aliens. You have to find the five iguldades as quickly as possible to the next level and a high score Monsters vs. Aliens, Similar
In this game the Monsters University have to find all the objects in the bottom of the screen in less than five minutes. Otherwise the game will start again. Luck! Monsters University: Hidden Objects
Play another fun puzzle game where you have to complete the puzzle as famous movie this summer, as Monster University. Turn the pieces to match the original image Monsters University Spin Puzzle
Have a good time playing this fun game Monster University where they sdelantamos some pictures from this movie. Try to find all the letters hidden in the shortest time possible Monsters University: Letter hidden