lego se battre bladeblades ninja tops
Create a new Lego house at your leisure. Sure you spend a good time decorating the new home of Lego. Have fun! play Lego House

Lego House

Have a good time playing this fun Lego game where you are the owner of a cafe, you have to serve customers with the best brand. You can not go wrong with orders, because other customers leave without coffee play Lego coffee

Lego coffee

Moves with Hulk in this action game where you have to dodge and destroy all the enemies you encounter as you find the villain who is causing damage to the city. Interact with Hulk to fight all the villains of the city play Lego Hulk

Lego Hulk

Help Wolverine has defeated the villain who threatens to harm humans but with your help Wolverine stop him. Give him a good beating! play Lego Wolverine

Lego Wolverine

In this game you have to top up with Lego cars. Your mission is to fill the tank with enough fuel play Lego Gas Station

Lego Gas Station

In this game you can create whatever you want with Lego pizzas. You can build from a grand medieval castle to a late model car, is all in your creativity play Lego Building

Lego Building

Great Lego ninja game where you can interact with characters from Lego in an adventurous world and enemies. Advance levels by killing all the enemies in each level using weapons of each character play Lego Nindroids

Lego Nindroids

In this entertaining game Lego world you have to create your own world building Lego cars, shops, airports, train stations and more. Do not get bored! play The world of Lego

The world of Lego

This is the final battle of the citadel to protect Kai, Kai Let`s kill all the monsters and use the coins do not forget to restore power. The first game of the series Ninjago Lego sets
Lego Ninjago
Interact with Iron Man in this Lego game where you have to fly and shoot the tyrants who would destroy our planet
Lego: Iron Man
Compete with the world`s fastest cars Lego. You have to run a race two cars and only one is the winner, the first to cross the finish line. Win races to unlock new cars
Lego races
A thief has stolen an important and valuable diamond and you have to catch him running around the museum, dodging all the obstacles you encounter on your way. Can you catch the thief?
Lego, cops and robbers
Play this exciting Lego game where you have to escape at full speed from a cave with the help of a rocket installed at your back. To move forward you have to follow the diamonds, but be careful with the rocks that emerge
Lego Aduna Diamantele
This Lego game you have to tune your aim with the racket shot, you have to hit the ball so you hit the target. Complete all levels to unlock new characters
Lego Sport Mania
A thief has stolen all the gifts from Santa Claus and now have to catch him before escaping. Mounted on the police car and walking the mountains of snow collecting gifts to find, Do not forget to catch the thief!
Lego, persecution Christmas
In Lego City are being committed many robberies and have recommended you to stop organized crime. You have to catch all the criminals in this city before they escape. Run after them and do not stop until catch
Lego City, police
Play another fun Lego game where you have to ride a pony for sprinting, jumping all the obstacles in your path. You have to reach the finish line before time runs out. How many races you win?
Lego racing ponies
Play this fun game where you have to Lego Spiderman Spiderman interact with the Lego city buildings jumping and climbing steadily. Sprints avoiding all obstacles in your path
Lego Ultimate Spiderman
Have a good time playing this fun Lego mini where you have your helicopter equipped with the necessary tools for each mission
Lego: Rescue helicopter
Feel the mighty power of Thor`s hammer in this game based on the Avengers Lego. You have to fight with an army of enemies to find the stone promised
The Avengers: Thor Lego
Play this fun puzzle game based on an image of the Lego Batman game. Try to reconstruct the puzzle in the shortest possible time
Lego Batman: Puzzle
Now you can build your own Lego city. You have to build a city on this island in the Bermuda Triangle, be very careful with the storms that can destroy the most defenseless homes
Build your Lego city
Have a good time completing these puzzles small Lego superheroes. There are three different levels!
Puzzles Lego Super Heroes
Have a good time completing this sliding puzzle of Lego where we can see all the Superheroes Lego version. Choose the level of power and play!
Deliszante Puzzle: Lego Movie
Enjoy playing this fun Lego game where you pick your favorite Ninjago mercilessly shoot all enemies. Use the mouse to play this fun game of Lego
Lego: Ninjago Galaxy Squad