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Play this fun game of mischief. This guy wants his girl jokes and you have to help make mischief. To complete the levels you have to do mischief as many as you can play Antics


As stated by the title, this game will have to rescue people who are in the burning buildings. play Rescue people from fire

Rescue people from fire

After winning much gold you went on vacation and left the farm abandoned. Mayor to call you on the phone and told you to please come urgent that people are going from bad enpeor without you play Youda Farmer 2, save the people

Youda Farmer 2, save the people

Dress and make up these two beautiful girls. These sisters want to impress on the volleyball match is played on Saturday. Help them change their makeup and clothes. You can also change the hair color and styling play The sisters athletes

The sisters athletes

Play the famous makeup Kardashian sisters. The Kardashian sisters looking for a new stylist and you`re on probation. Choose the most desired character and make up your taste play Kardashian Sisters Make up

Kardashian Sisters Make up

Give him to play and enjoy this humorous video where a man is in the bathroom and is stuck. What will happen! play Video humor: Stuck

Video humor: Stuck

play this game in the mood where you have to change channels with the remote control without the dad Account play Remote control: Humor

Remote control: Humor

Keep playing pranks on your summer class to have a good time. As you know you have to click where you think you can do a prank to other classmates laugh at the innocent. Have fun!
Naughty Classroom
Set the mood in which you have to keep doing mischief to the prettiest girls in the game. You have to do all the mischief before time runs out
The Naughty Elevator
The parade of beautiful girls is about to start but you have to do some pranks on the girls to have a good time. Make mischief girls without them noticing!
Naughty Pageant
The holidays arrive and it`s time to do some mischief. You have to do as many tricks as possible to cheer on your friend, lol. Have a good time making your own!
Naughty Holiday
Help these sick kids have a good time playing tricks on the nurses who roam the hospital. Click the mouse where you think you can crack a joke
Naughty Nurses
Play pranks another fun game where you have to parade banter is on the screen. Use the mouse to play pranks
Naughty Parade
Are you ready to make some jokes to your girlfriend? Help this boy to spend a few jokes to his girl. Use the mouse to play this game in the mood
Naughty Boyfriend
Great adventure game graphics and humor. You are in love with the nanny and you have to make mischief for this girl to fall in love with you. Use your mouse to play pranks
Naughty Babysitter
Play fun game to exploit other balloons. You have to point very well to exploit all the balloons on the screen. Calculate the power of the shot to strike the target
Naughty Monkey 2
Fun game where you have to interact with a mischievous monkey, determined to burst balloons with any object that can be thrown, boomerang, darts, etc.
Naughty Monkey
Help these kids to play tricks on their teachers and classmates. You have to use the mouse to pick up objects and create new objects with which you can make your own. Try to do all the mischief before it`s too late
Naughty boys in school
This boy likes a girl but does not make you a muscular grace that softened her. You have to play tricks on this muscular for the girl angry. It`s a game of humor and adventure games
Naughty beach party
Have a good time playing this fun game where you have mood to mess with your friends and your girlfriend. Use the mouse to play this fun game
Naughty Boyfriend: Romantic dinner
Pou is away from home and now I know back helps Pou has come home. If you find any enemy hit by pressing the down arrow key. Luck!
Pou adventures
Help this waitress has to fulfill his dream of being pretty and popular. You have to work as a waitress to earn money and buy nice clothes that you can brag CUNADO you go out
Waitress adventures