trucks lead collect donuts simpsons homer simpson
Homer Simpson`s family has been kidnapped by the evil doll Pigsaw, who holds her captive somewhere in the city of Springfield. Help Homer Simpson to find his family! Homer Simpson vs Saw: Escape
Help to dress our friend Homer Simpson. Wears extravagant clothes and write what you want with your mouse. Do not forget to write your name Homer Simpson Dress
Have a good time ordering this fun puzzle and Mars Homer Simpson when they were teenagers. Use the mouse to play this game the Simpsons. Fun! The Simpsons: Homer and Mars Puzzle
Homer is tired of her neighbor Flanders and wants you to help is to annihilate the entire family of Ned Flanders. Shoot the head to kill them with a single shot. How many members of the Flanders family can kill? Homer Simpson Flanders kills 4
Drive a fleet of trucks and excavators to fix city streets. Use the arrow keys to move Trucks and bulldozers
Need forklift license to work in this store and for that you have to pass all the tests Licensing trucks
Carries large tonnage rocks into trucks larger still. You must take them without you fall ... in order to overcome levels. Mega trucks
You drive a big truck on the highway. Your mission is to bring the face to the destination in the shortest time possible but not easy, because other cars can trip you up. Trucks on Highway
Fourteen tracks in total and a truck to travel a lot of miles without lifting off the throttle. Drive fast but careful not to tip it over and cause serious problems in the snow. Trucks in snow
Choose the police car you want and start cleaning up the city of criminals who roam these neighborhoods. Interacts with the arrow keys to crush cars, and obstacles and criminals Killer Trucks
Grab the coins, get through the mazes of this large underground mine and most importantly, runs and overcome the different levels of this game so entertaining! Collect and dig 3
In this truck racing game you have to drive a truck and get the first goal, watch your opponents because they will do everything possible to destroy your truck Racing monster trucks
In this city fast food is shared with a truck and to make money you have to hit fast food trucks. Destroy all trucks to grab the industry Fast Food Trucks
You have to collect the eggs of chickens. Juggle the basket from one side to another without eggs will fall to the ground. Interact with the mouse Collect eggs
You have to collect all the possible highest score sheets. With the help of the ant will get it Collect leaves
In this driving game you have to collect all the flowers that are on the road without hitting any cars on this highway Careers: Collect flowers
Candy has to collect all the candy for Halloween and needs you to help. Your mission is to collect all the candy that they pull in, remember that you must collect all the candy, otherwise it will start again Shouthpark: Collect candy
Experience an exciting adventure with the characters Cartoons where you must collect all the gold coins and then capture the master key. Use the transformation of the force of gravity to overcome all levels Adventures to collect gold coins
You have to help Santa Claus to collect all the gifts that have been dropped. You have to do in a limited time with your space ship you will light. Interact with the mouse Collect gifts from Santa Claus
Dora the Explorer wants to take holidays to pick flowers mounted on his new motocross bike. Help Dora the Explorer has to control the bike and collect all the flowers of the screen Dora the Explorer: Collect flowers motorcycle