Game, play Hex Empire 2

strategy action conquer empires
Fight the enemy with violence and wins. When you conquer the opponents base shared experience points to evolve. play Robot War Strategy

Robot War Strategy

Fighting game for multiple players where the aim is to be the strongest penguin and kill the others. play Conquer Antartica

Conquer Antartica

In this game you have to navigate pirate a pirate ship and bomb the enemy ships. Retrieves all gold chests you find to buy new weapons play Pirates conquer the seas

Pirates conquer the seas

Play this strategy game where you have to start with an Aztec tribe and build houses and stables to create warriors. Your mission is to seize all the empires of the world. Can you get it? play War of Empires

War of Empires

Great game of strategy and war where you have to manage your troops to conquer all empires. Pick your soldiers and fight the enemy won every battle. You can play campaign or survival mode play Empires


City directs and creates Thanagar soldiers in your barracks to annihilate your enemies play Age of Empires

Age of Empires

Lead your pirate to victory in this war of pirates where you have to build new ships by pirates and conquer all the ports of the North Sea play Empires of pirates

Empires of pirates

Great strategy game where you have to start creating houses, looking for materials for the construction of stables, farms, saw mill, mills, until soldiers build a castle and conquer the medieval empire play Medieval Empires

Medieval Empires

Strategy game where you have to conquer all the empires of the game sending your warriors into battle to defeat the enemy castles. The first player to topple the contrary castle is the winner
Empires: Spirit of Talo
You alone can eliminate all the terrorists in this country and you can not defraud your embassy. Shoot It shattered mercilessly and these terrorists are plotting an attack
And action shots
Our beloved superhero must save all humans from the robots that want to eliminate the human race. Superman`s mission is to kill the androids indicated by the task before time runs out
Superman in Action
Play this fun game based on the classic game of Contra. You elected to infiltarse with the terrorists and your mission is kill all the terrorists to reach the leader. Kill all the tyrants before they kill you
Action City
It`s time to face all the enemies of world peace with our superhero Robert Bob Parr of The Incredibles. Use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to blows.
The Incredible in action
Reaches the goal with your tank intact or with the least possible harm. Do not hesitate to shoot the objects that will interfere. It moves the cursor and fire with the space bar.
Tank in action
You have been trained to kill terrorists and now you`re in a war where the terrorists want you dead and you have to survive a wave of terrorists armed to the teeth. A tip, shoot the head!
Call of Duty Action
Play another great game Arkanoid, but now with two barriers one at the bottom of the screen and one on the right side of the screen. It seems easy but there is nothing easy
Arkanoid Double Action
Drive your Porsche through the streets of the city cars and avoiding all obstacles that you see at top speed.
Action driving game
Goku had to travel to the planet Namek to rescue his son Gohan Super Warriors of the wicked. Run as fast as you can and fight the enemies you encounter. Do not leave none alive!
Dragon Ball Z, Planet Namek
Naruto has to fight all the characters of Dragon Ball Z to retrieve the seven magic balls and make a wish to the dragon. Can Naruto beat all the characters of Dragon Ball?
Naruto vs Goku
Sprints avoiding all obstacles in your path and do not forget to collect all the sprays. Can you get it?
Parkour Master
Coworkers want to beat you up, but you have to defend yourself with the help of martial arts. Fight nonstop until burst them all and find a way out before they come more enemies
Kung Fu, survival
Help Rigby has been burst and shoot all the enemies that come your way. You have to save his friend Mordecai who is kidnapped somewhere in the enemy base, has quickly go save Mordecai
Regular Show Line of Defense
In this game you have to do bad things to annoy shops. A company has hired you to mess around with the other trade so that end closing. Be careful with the cops who can send you to jail!
Thug Empire
Help this guy get his sister has found somewhere in the city. You have to find the parts needed to fix the truck to reach the city. Kill as many zombies as you can and do not let them eat the head
City zombie, survival
Can you survive a massive wave of armed enemies? Use your martial arts to survive and fight numerous enemies very pissed arts, you can also use the revolver to blow his head
Dragon Beat
Becomes another exciting Dragon Ball game with new characters and new challenges. You have to find all the magic balls and fight all enemies that stand in your way. You can also play duel mode
Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 3.2
The Joker has tended her a wicked trap our friend Batman. Now you have to escape the nuclear bomb, you have to climb to the top and fight Joker. Hurry because there is not much time
Batman escapes pollution
Aim and shoot all the Stickman displayed on the screen. You have to kill them all before they can kill you. Aim and shoot!
Stickman Sniper