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Wander the streets of the city battling thugs all in your path, you can also collect all the objects you can use as a weapon. Do not let them get a beating! Street fights hooligans
Fighting game where you`re a Japanese girl who roams the streets of Japan and some thugs want to bother you now have to use martial arts to leave you quiet and not bother again more Street fights, arcade
Go out and fight all thugs who prowl the city. Give him a brutal beating these criminals that continue to bother Street fights, Real
Gangnam Style want you to fight against and you have accepted. You must beat this cocky Gangnam Style before the you of you Fights: Gangnam Style
Some individuals have been cast in the big party and Cartoons are destroying entire dance floor, but you have to stop it. Choose the desired character more Cartoons and fight against enemies Fights at the party Cartoons
These two superheroes want to prove who the best motorcycle racer and have reached an agreement, whoever wins the race will be the superhero who defends the city of Ghotam. Who will be the winner? Superman vs Batman
Funny animation where Superman has to dress as a superhero in a revolving door without anyone to see. How does this story end? Animated Superman
The Man of Steel is the new Superman and wants you to help you find all the differences in each level before time runs out, otherwise you will start the level again Man of Steel: Superman
Play this fun game where you have to find Superman for two of every letter. Find all the pairs of cards before time runs out Superman: Memories
Find all the differences of each level in the shortest time possible. Select with the left mouse button where you think is the difference Superman: Differences
Now you have the opportunity to create a new Superman with a new costume and new super powers. Interacts with the mouse to dress this super hero Superman Dressing
Superman is fed up with the mafia because it only makes life miserable for the city and wants to try to remedy giving his powerful fists. You have to fight all of the city mafia Superman vs Mafia
Lex Luthor is causing serious problems in Metropolis has launched a powerful bomb and a deadly gas giant is also launching debris. Your mission is to get to the top and stop Lex Luthor Superman Returns
Here is a great puzzle game where you have to complete dozens of puzzle of this superhero with his friends. Choose the difficulty and complete all the puzzles in the shortest time possible Superman Puzzles
Our beloved superhero must save all humans from the robots that want to eliminate the human race. Superman`s mission is to kill the androids indicated by the task before time runs out Superman in Action
Metropolis is on fire and our Superhero has to rescue all citizens who are at risk. Get all the bonus you can to increase your speed and you find it all easier Superman of Steel
Search and find all the hidden objects in the images of Superman, the Man of Steel. Find all the hidden objects before time runs out Superman: Hidden Objects
Play this 3D game where you have to fly through the city of Metropolis destroying all your enemies with devastating laser. Use the arrow keys to move and spacebar to shoot The Man of Steel: Superman Metropolis
Play basketball with these superheroes to shoot free throws. Choose the desired character in the superhero basketball Beat the contrary. Be careful when you throw the ball to the basket moves from left to right Batman vs. Superman: Basketball