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Support Lobita Doraemon`s friend has selected all the animals of each screen, but be very careful not to go wrong, otherwise you will start the level again Doraemon looking animals
Impressive animal game where the goal is to win the race. Animals are very peculiar and played the race on two legs instead of four. Good luck and win! Animals in balance
Fun game of tennis between prehistoric characters. You`ll have to defeat a total of 3 to achieve take the most prestigious tournament of the season. Tennis of animals
You have to help this green bug to do their mission. You have to collect all the objects in this platform to follow and the next level. Interact with the cursor Green Animals
Play this tetris hungry animals. Your mission is to put the right food to each animal and anger from level dropped and the more times you pass a level more animals appear. Interact with the mouse Starved animals
You have to move the animals in a boat to land and who have just arrived and are at risk. Be careful because it can transfer into the water and lose the game. Interact with the arrow keys and mouse Save animals
Travel the world with a few riders a little special, a zoo animal. Reach the target as soon as possible without falling off, to raise money to unlock more animals and purchase more upgrades to the bike. Animals cyclists
Answers to different questions that you pose test with the images you show. Animals in the city
Have a good time taking care of the most exotic zoo animals. Clean the area where these animals, whimsy, look after them and dress them live with the most beautiful clothes in the dressing room to find Taking care of zoo animals
In this game you have to free the caged animals. You have to throw boxes so that break the bars of the cages where the animals locked Saving animals from boat
In this game you have to look after animals of a squirrel, you have to find food and help has to escape a terrible flood in its burrow. Use the mouse to play this game after animals Caring for animals: Chipmunks
A plague of zombies animal approaches your home and you have to shoot mercilessly these terrifying animals. Invest your money in buying new weapons and upgrades Shooting zombies to animals
If you like animals. In this game you learn to care for all animals on feed and keep them happy to know Taking care of animals
Your allies need you! Mounted in the tank and hit the road to get to the allied base, hurry before a war breaks Tanks in the snow
You are an elite soldier and your mission is to protect the military base of the enemies trying to destroy it. While you advance a level you can buy new weapons Aim and shoot in the snow
In this game you have to travel very dangerous roads to accompany the catapult you have to use to destroy the enemy castles Catapults in the snow
Lives at the North Pole and a snow unwanted dolls want to destroy your house, but you have to stop setting traps and shooting with your powerful weapon. Great action and shooting game! Snow snowmen War
Great game for passionate sport where you can practice only in places where there is snow. Feel the vertigo down the mountain at full speed riding your snowboard. Make tricks to earn money and buy upgrades Snow Rush