toecap Chavo 8 schools humor shooting class
In this game you have to eliminate all possible gems with your mouse. Click adjacent gems three or more gems, be careful of the time is not finished before deleting all the gems play El Chavo del 8 Bejeweled

El Chavo del 8 Bejeweled

Complete this puzzle fun series Chavo del 8. You have to place each piece in the right place before the time runs out play El Chavo del 8: Puzzle

El Chavo del 8: Puzzle

It`s Halloween night and the evil witch has kidnapped 71 Quico and Chilindrina with whom child plans to make soup. Chavo Aid to rescue his friends before it is too late! play El Chavo and the Haunted House

El Chavo and the Haunted House

Give him to play and enjoy this humorous video where a man is in the bathroom and is stuck. What will happen! play Video humor: Stuck

Video humor: Stuck

play this game in the mood where you have to change channels with the remote control without the dad Account play Remote control: Humor

Remote control: Humor

It`s coming back to school and it`s time to talk with classmates, but you`re the teacher and you have to shut this kind so talkative. Throw the draft board all guy want to talk to your partner
Class fun again
It is the first day of school and you`re punished for not attending class. You have to makeup, eating and drinking a refreshing drink without your teacher know it, otherwise you eject class
Punished in class
Now the girls are what make mischief to see the gym teacher in action. Find all the necessary objects and teases gym teacher
Mischief in gym class
These kids want to spend their free time doing bike races. Choose your character most desired and prove you`re the fastest running bike
Careers after class
Kiss your girl when nobody can see you. Be careful with the curious because as you begin to see the level again
Kisses in class
This girl is punished in the living makeup punished and wants to be beautiful. Help this girl has makeup without the teacher will see. Makeup in class have its consequences!
Makeup in class
You are the teacher of this class and your mission is to give slaps the boys and girls who have glasses. Press the left mouse button to launch slaps
Slaps in class
If you`re tired of being told all you have to do. Play this game from Ubisoft and prove that you know what to do.
Teacher class trip
With this game you will know if you have good aim. Cojees the bow and aim well with the arrows. You`ll have to give the block which is above the head without hurting the boy
Ten shooting
Play this fun action game where you have to shoot with a M4a1, a powerful machine gun capable of busting heads in one shot. Kill all the enemies before it`s too late
Shooting with a M4a1
Do not stop to shoot the zombies in this jungle because as you neglect will be eating your brain. Shoot the zombies and be careful not to shoot the innocent
Zombie Shooting
Protects lab attacks dinosaurs shooting area with your guns. Earn money to buy new weapons and upgrades
Shooting the dinosaurs
Defend your island from the evil enemies who want to snatch your military base. Mercilessly Shoot all the enemies before they destroy your base. Earn money to buy upgrades and new weapons
Shooting on the island
You have been trained only to kill zombies mutants and your mission is kill all the zombies on the screen but may not kill you. Points by pressing the space bar and shoot by pressing the left mouse button, cover as quickly as possible
Shooting the zombies 2
You have to protect your fortress of evil robots. Shoot with your powerful machine gun all the robots to get money and weapons to exchange for new or improved
Shooting for the Robots
You and village chief have a problem, the city has been attacked by a group of zombies that will try to destroy it. Your mission is to shoot them and defeat them.
Shooting the zombies
Play this game in action in the streets of China. Choose the most desired character and kill them all. Interacts with the mouse to aim and press the left mouse button to shoot
Shooting in the streets
Find a farm has cows and some are sick with an unknown virus, you must separate it from infecting the healthy cows.
Shooting Mad Cows