Dress Up Kakashi Games

Funny fighting game where you meet all the characters of Manga and Anime in a single game.

Games Battle Naruto Manga

Battle Naruto Manga

Become a stylist dresses Naruto and Naruto with the most luxurious clothes

Games Naruto Dress Up

Naruto Dress Up

Naruto As always in trouble, has gotten into a fight to save a friend and all soiled clothing. Help him to dress in good condition.

Games Naruto Dress

Naruto Dress

Great fighting game where the best fighters compete better known for the games. You have to choose the most desirable character and fight with the most powerful opponents

Games Superheroes vs Manga

Superheroes vs Manga

Play another fun game with many more characters Goku. You have to choose the desired character in the game mode you want to play. Fight all your opponents to the next level

Games Goku anime

Goku anime

The new Red Riding Hood must be mounted on bike home from his grandmother. You have to pedal all you can to get to the house before and I did not catch the evil wolf. You can use to collect all the items

Games Red Riding Hood Manga

Red Riding Hood Manga

Take action to fight the most powerful fighters Anime where we can find Goku, One Piece and Naruto, Who will win this desperate struggle?

Games Anime Final Fight

Anime Final Fight

Play this fun game of minigolf with scenes of the television cartoon Cartoons. You have to win the championship miniature golf, to win the championship you have to sneak the ball in the hole with as little strokes as possible

Games Cartoon: Golf

Cartoon: Golf

This motorcycle racing game featuring characters from Cartoons pilot can choose as Ben 10, Power Ranger, Avatar and Naruto. Prove you`re made to ride a motocross bike

Games Cartoon: Motorcycle Racing

Cartoon: Motorcycle Racing

Play the new game of Bad Boys 2 based on the great game of Grand Theft Auto. You`re a very bad boy and your mission is to steal cars, escape the cops, stealing cars and committing robberies

Bad Boys 2: GTA

Fun game to create your own calendar of cartoons Cartoon Network. You have to choose the most desirable designs and decorate to your liking, you can customize as you wish

Calendario Cartoon Network 2011

Play this gangster game where you have to rob banks and kill all the cops who cross your path. Be very careful not to run out of ammo

Gangster Boys

In this mysterious isla. Hay a giant crab that has robbed him lunch at our friends the Indians. Go after him!

Islander boys

Help these kids to play tricks on their teachers and classmates. You have to use the mouse to pick up objects and create new objects with which you can make your own. Try to do all the mischief before it`s too late

Naughty boys in school

Play this fun game based kart Mario kart game. The game is to win the race and for this you have to be the first. You can pick up bonuses, such as dropping bombs or use a nitro

Kart for boys and girls

Help Naruto has been run and fight the forces of nature. You have to press the appropriate button to fight, otherwise you will mature and have to start again

Naruto Run

Help our friend Naruto to win the grand championship BMX bikes. You have to climb mountains to jump super high jumps while doing tricks to get a large sum of points

Naruto in BMX

Enjoy another fighting game with our friends in the TV series Naruto. You have to kill all who cross your path to freedom of the princess. Use your sword and magic to take down your enemies

Naruto GG

They have attacked your friend Sakura in the house of the monks. Go see what happened and looking for the traitor.

Naruto NG

Naruto has to fight all the characters of Dragon Ball Z to retrieve the seven magic balls and make a wish to the dragon. Can Naruto beat all the characters of Dragon Ball?

Naruto vs Goku

Help our friend Naruto to overcome all challenges. You have to run at full speed to jump all the obstacles you encounter along the way. Can you get to the bottom of the screen?

Flappy Naruto

Naruto needs to train and learn new fighting techniques to face his worst enemy. Fight all the bugs you find along the way and learn new combos

Naruto Training

Ride the monster of Naruto and travel the most dangerous roads in Japan. Beware of the road is in very poor condition. Get to the bottom of the screen as quickly as possible and try not to crash, otherwise it will start again

Naruto Monster Car

This game is played a big fight against Goku Naruto where you have to interact with Naruto and Goku fight, you can use your devastating attacks. Use the mouse to play this game

Goku vs Naruto

Interact with Naruto in this platform adventure game where you have to throw ninja stars at enemies and collect all the stars of the screen, get the frog to reach the next level

Naruto adventures

Play classic Bubble game based on the TV series Naruto. You have to throw bubbles and pop them to line up three or more of the same color. Try to eliminate all before they get to the bottom of the screen

Naruto Bubbles

Play the classic Bomberman game with Naruto. You have to plant bombs to kill our enemies and find the exit before time runs out. Collect all the improvements to increase the explosion

Naruto: Bomberman

Naruto wants his fists to try competing in a tournament bout. Win the battle leaving the contrary ko, otherwise you`ll start the level again

Naruto Boxing

Travelling with Naruto in his new caravan to the campsite. Be careful with the road is in very poor condition. Try not to crash into otherwise begin again the level

Naruto: Camping

Naruto`s friends have been angry with him for one of his pranks. Now in the midst of training are wroth with him by pulling kunai. Help him with the mouse so that your friends will not get away with it.

Naruto in trouble

Play this minigame Naruto and manage these crankpin on the screen to make your goals.

Naruto Snake

Naruto is training hard to level up to stand for a wrestling tournament.

Naruto Bankai

Help our friend Naruto to defeat all the forces of evil with the help of the oldest martial arts history. Move it with the arrow keys and action buttons are the letters Q, W, A, S, R and ``F.

Naruto on the battlefield

Naruto has to fight the beasts to rescue Sakura which is held in the village of beasts. Use the bind martial ninja to fight and defeat the beasts. You can also use some spells to retain these creatures

Naruto fighting beasts