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A maniac has kidnapped Santa Claus and his reindeer friends, have tied to a gallows and have very little time to live, your mission is to shoot arrows at the strings of the gallows to save their lives and save Christmas this year Santa Claus in trouble
Santa Claus needs your help to fix their teeth by the very left you and wants to have a nice smile for this Christmas Eve. You can also decorate the teeth of Santa Claus Santa Claus at the dentist
Our dear Santa Claus has to snowboard to collect all the gifts this Christmas. Help Santa Claus to collect all the gifts dodging obstacles in the way Santa Claus: Snowboarding
This Santa Claus is not in his right mind wants to shoot all the children who come to collect their Christmas present. Shoot and kill all the guys who want to pick up your Christmas gift Santa Claus Apocalypse
Great game where Santa Claus has to get all the toys and batteries for it will have to fight the snow elves and snowmen, all for a purpose that all children in the world can have a new toy for Christmas The hero Santa Claus
This Christmas Santa Claus has fallen asleep and has not distributed any gifts and now has to deliver all the presents as fast as you can before dawn Turbo Santa Claus
Interact with Santa Claus in this fun platform game where you have to deliver Christmas presents. Shoot your gun snowballs at enemies and eliminate them Santa Claus: Platforms
Santa Claus has to transport Christmas presents in his new truck but needs your help to drive the truck. You have to load the truck with gifts and transport them to the North Pole, be very careful with the way it is in very poor condition Santa Claus: Truck
In this game Santa Claus has to order gifts for children who have been good and they have misbehaved. You have to shoot with your powerful cannon and sort gifts Santa Claus: Canyon
Help Santa Claus to deliver all the Christmas presents before dawn and it`s too late. You have reached the bottom of the screen as quickly as possible without colliding, otherwise you will start the level again Santa Claus: Motorcycles
Attend to all customers entering the store where they make Santa Claus Christmas cakes. Follow the tutorial to play this fun game Shop for Santa Claus
If you want Santa Claus brings many gifts to your house you will feed him anything he wants. Santa Claus asked a meal and you have to give it in the shortest time possible Santa Claus: Eater
This year Santa Claus has to ski in dangerous mountains and you have to help avoid all the obstacles collecting all the stars possible Santa Claus: Skis
Santa Claus has to distribute gifts to children who have been good. Help distribute gifts to the child have asked in the letter from Santa. Be very careful not to go wrong with gifts Letter from Santa Claus
Santa Claus has a new mission, collect all the gifts of the road and park the truck in the right place without colliding, otherwise you`ll start the level again Santa Claus, Parking
You have to color in so holy that you like. Choose the desired colors and put beauty above all not to forget the color red. Interact with the mouse Santa Claus Coloring
This year Santa Claus has to deliver gifts on a bike, because the reindeer are very old and do not want to walk. Select the most desirable bike and collect all the gifts of the screen as soon as possible Santa Claus on a bike
Choose the most desired and Santa Beat the opponent to win the championship race sleds. Interact with the arrow keys handle the sled, but be careful not to collide, otherwise brake the sled Racing Santa Claus
Help Santa Claus to distribute gifts of na original form, rather than using the sled now Santa has to deliver gifts on a motorcycle riding scooters. You have to collect all the coins and gifts of the display and distribute gifts to children Santa Claus on a scooter