Doraemon in the Olympic Games Games

Minnie and Daisy no mercy to the last dance of the school graduation. Help our friends has a simple and fun dance steps. You have to press the right key at the right time to begin to dance

Games Disney Dances

Disney Dances

These competing in a contest for television, guess who he is. You have to guess which famous is the distorted picture in the shortest time possible. Each time you pass to the next level will have less time to respond

Games Guess Who`s there?

Guess Who`s there?

Try to find the exact word appearing in the picture, for it might give you clues, up to 5 tracks to get you

Games Guess 5

Guess 5

Super Mario want to play the guessing game images. Mario shows small part of an image and you have to guess what. On the left side of the screen shows images and you have to click the right image

Games Super Mario guess the puzzles

Super Mario guess the puzzles

What you have to try, is to reach the door in front of you without you touch any dancer. It moves with the mouse and walk by clicking with the left.

Games Dance on the bar

Dance on the bar

Lobita is in trouble with Gigante and Doraemon has to save Lobita, but Giant is too angry to want to catch Doraemon. You have to press the arrow keys at the right time so that Doraemon can escape

Games Doraemon: Doraemon Run runs!

Doraemon: Doraemon Run runs!

You have to help this girl to dance. With the help of the cursor will get it. She teaches modern dance

Games Modern Dance

Modern Dance

Play a cool game of Little Pony Dance. You have to want to dance like the music by selecting the favorite ponies. Interact with your mouse to select the desired ponies and dances

Games Dance with Little Pony

Dance with Little Pony

Look closely at the color of the tiles, because if you fail in the attempt dancers will die.

Games Dance Party

Dance Party

Have a good time dancing to the new song Gangnam Style. Do not miss it! Press the arrow keys at the right time for this character to dance to this new song so catchy

Games Gangnam Dance with Style

Gangnam Dance with Style

Have a good time playing this fun game to dance the dance of the horse. You have to press the arrow keys at the right time to Gangnam can dance

Oppa Gangnam: Dance

Gangnam Dance Style dancing with the author of this song so catchy. You have to press the arrow keys at the right time for this dance

Gangnam Style: Dance

Zumba is a girl so cute and you`re going to have to leave the mission pretty. Start with the makeup, eyebrows, lips and ends up dressed and leave as beautiful as possible!

Dress to dance Zumba

Recreate the Bratz doll, dress your shape and style. Interact by clicking on the screen all the clothes, to see what that looks better.

Bratz: Dress me for a dance

Great platform adventure game where you have to escape this haunted museum. Get away from the chains and fight all the ghosts you encounter on your way. Invest the money earned to buy upgrades for your character

Regular Show: Dance of Doom

Doraemon has to escape giant and it will have to run at full speed. Run all you can and jump the obstacles. Press the space bar to jump

Doraemon Run!

Our friend Doraemon enjoying the holiday at the campsite, but at night the mosquitoes will not let you sleep peacefully and therefore wants to help has to read all potential trap mosquitoes that lurk near the campsite

Doraemon on camping

Doraemon Our friend needs our help us help you climb to the top of the mountain where Nobita is waiting with delicious dorayakis. Hurry to get to the top if you want to try the dorayakis!

Doraemon rises to the top

Doraemon has entered the game Flappy Bird and now has to sneak between the pipes and eat all the food you find along the way, but remember that you can not hit. Can you get to the bottom of the screen?

Flappy Doraemon

Help Nobita has to win every race. you have to run everything you can and jump all the obstacles you encounter in the race. Who will win?

Doraemon Race

Who won this race motorcycles? Doraemon or Mario, choose the most desired character and prove you`re the best motorcycle racer. The first to reach the finish line is the winner

Doraemon vs Mario

Spend a fun time playing this fun game based Doraemon Tetris. You have to fit the parts together to complete a horizontal line to remove it. You have to remove all the lines to the next level

Doraemon: Tetris

Again Gigante runs behind Doraemon Doraemon and now have to run as fast as you can dodging obstacles jumping all sorts of traps to avoid being hit by the dreaded Giant

Doraemon vs Giant

Help our friends Doraemon has control scooter through the streets of Japan avoiding all obstacles

Doraemon in Scooter

Lobita you want to play a joke and it should benefit Gigante Gigante now is sleeping in class. You have to paint a giant face without the teacher can see you, otherwise you will start the level again

Doraemon: Mischief

Support Lobita Doraemon`s friend has selected all the animals of each screen, but be very careful not to go wrong, otherwise you will start the level again

Doraemon looking animals

Play this fun puzzle game based on the TV series Doraemon. You have to find a partner to remove blocks before time runs out

Doraemon: dating

In this fun game you have to DISCOVER Doraemon which is different from the others Doraemon. There is a box of surprises and when you expect it meno Doraemon and many will have to select the different Doraemon as soon as possible

Doraemon: Box surprise

Lobita have to run away from home with your help. You have to investigate your bedroom to collect all the necessary tools to escape from home. Be patient and look in every corner of the house

Doraemon: Escape

Our dear friend Doraemon has a new restaurant and has to serve food to all your friends and you have to help you remember all the menus. Pay attention to the menus to choose Doraemon`s friends

Doraemon: Restaurant

It`s a fun coloring game Doraemon with his friends. Doraemon can color with dozens of colors and change colors as often as you like. Do not forget to include your name once you have finished coloring

Doraemon colors

We are all hoping to play with our friend Doraemon mounted on a motorcycle. Now`s your chance to play with two different bikes. Doraemon has to find his friend Lobita riding a motorcycle and you will have to help

Doraemon motorcycle

Our friend Doraemon has to defend his castle with a tank. Your mission is to kill all the enemies and try not to let any enemies in the castle

Doraemon tank