attractions boots diego fairs mountains dora the explorer backpack roller coaster
Fun game of the TV series Dora the Explorer. The wicked witch to the prince kidnapped and imprisoned in a castle. Dora and Boots must rescue the Prince and overcome the evil witch traps Dora and Boots to the rescue of Prince
Dora the Explorer and Diego wants to spend their free time playing volleyball on the beach. Choose your favorite character and play volleyball with the mouse Dora and Diego: Volleyball
Dora the Explorer and Diego have managed to go to Hollywood but nerves do not know what to wear. Help Dora the Explorer and Diego to choose nice dress for this special occasion Dora and Diego in Hollywood
In this fun coloring game you can paint to Dora the Explorer and her cousin Diego and Boots on an adventurous day in the jungle. You have dozens of colors to color Coloring Dora and Diego
Dora the Explorer and Diego that wants to find all the hidden numbers in each level in the shortest time possible. Fun! Dora and Diego: Hidden Numbers
In this game you have to interact with these two famous characters such as Dora the Explorer and Diego, you must collect all the Christmas gifts each screen and place it on the Christmas tree Dora and Diego collected Christmas gifts
You are at the fair shots of ducks and your mission is to shoot the moving ducks escape while none Shooting ducks fairs
Comes back to school and it`s time to customize your backpack Monster High. Have a good time customizing the backpack Monster High, I hope you have a good time Monster High Backpack Design
Bicycle Ride Dora the Explorer and wanders around the screen by jumping ramps and avoiding all obstacles. Use the arrow keys to move and press the space bar to jump Dora the Explorer BMX
Dora the Explorer has become a mermaid to clean the bottom of the sea, but there is a lot of work and needs your help to clean and care for marine animals. Help them! Dora the Explorer Mermaid 2
Dora the Explorer has suffered a terrible accident and is now en route to the hospital, but his life is in danger, healing our friend Dora the Explorer before it`s too late Dora the Explorer in the ambulance
After a hard day of fun and games on the field Dora the Explorer is very dirty clothes, was Dora helps to make the laundry, wash it face, teeth, nails cut and choose a nice pajamas for bed rest Pouring Dora the Explorer
Help our friend Dora the Explorer to skate on the ice and make beautiful pirouettes in the air. Use the mouse to play this fun game of Dora the Explorer Dora the Explorer on ice skates
Dora the Explorer has had a serious accident while riding his bike and now have to heal Dora the Explorer with the greatest possible care to not suffer much damage Dora the Explorer in the hospital
You have to serve drinks cornice and our friends in the drawings Dora the Explorer. Serve all the food they ask without making you wait much, otherwise you will end up leaving angry and The best observations of Dora the Explorer
Our friend Dora the Explorer is a concert and wants to create a resistant stage to dance. Create a stage for Dora the Explorer with the materials you provide at each level Dora the Explorer on stage
Dora the Explorer has to travel to Mars and want to be very pretty for when you see aliens. Help Dora the Explorer has choose a nice space suit Spacesuit Dora the Explorer
Play this fun game of Dora the Explorer in Gomilandia. Dora has to run all you can collecting candy and avoiding obstacles. Luck! Dora the Explorer Gomilandia
Dora the Explorer has been raised with very little desire to comb for summer school and wants you to help has combing and choose a nice dress. Have fun! Hairdresser Dora the Explorer