Game, play Dog Wash

care wash comb hairdressers dogs clean
I`ve found this cute puppy in the street and your mom does not want you to have it at home, you have to wash, comb and dress the puppy to find an owner. Earn money to buy more clothes for this puppy play Doggy Wash and comb

Doggy Wash and comb

Play this fun game where you have a major hair salon hair salon located in the city and your mission is to cut and peel the girls that come into the salon play Hairdressers


This girl you see in the picture is called Judy and wants to change the look. Combs and hair cuts this girl and do not forget to leave well pretty play Beauty: Hairdressers

Beauty: Hairdressers

As the name suggests you have to jump rope to keep playing. This girl has to jump rope in a limited time without falling to the next level. Remember you can not fall off, otherwise you`ll start the level again play Skip the comb

Skip the comb

Pope has returned with mom`s car I take a dumpster and not be angry mom wants to help you clean the car. Clean Mom`s car before Mom can see it. Fun! play Clean Mom`s car

Clean Mom`s car

Your dog is very dirty and have to wash with water pressure. Ingéniatela to bathe your dirty dog ​​with the help of the hose play Wash my dog

Wash my dog

You always wanted to do laundry but my mom does not want. Now in this game you have to do laundry from putting clothes in the washing machine to fold and iron clothes. Interacts with the mouse to perform all tasks in this game play The Wash

The Wash

This puppy wants to play with him and also wants you to be all clean wash. If you prefer, you can choose a nice dress play Take care of your dog

Take care of your dog

Play as the oculist of these children you see in the picture. Explore the eyes of the guys lovingly careful not to hurt and heal sick eyes
Eye Care
You should care for this pet as best you can.
Pet Care
New shooter game, this time the target is the target that is hanging from the balloons, sharpen your aim and shoot, remember that some balloons carry clocks, if you manage to reach some of them have more overtime.
After a day bike ride you have to wash the bike and also have the option to change color and change bicycle accessories
Bike Wash
Spend some time creating and caring for your kitten. Create a cat as you want, wash and dry your dog for this very nice
Wash kitten
Have a good time watching this unicorn where you have to wash, pamper, brushing and dressing. Use the mouse to play this game
Wash unicorns
Mom has to go with Dad and you want to take this opportunity to give a surprise party. You have to clean the house while makeup for the party but when mom can not see you, otherwise you will start the level again
Clean and makeup
A terrible storm a beach covered garbage and now you have to clean it before it is too late for the environment. You have to put the trash in appropriate container with the mouse
Clean the ocean
Have the best pet beauty salon and for a large sum of revenue will have to work very hard. You have to meet the customers` pets and animals washing
Wash pets
Fun game to wash and care for dogs in a hotel for dogs. You`re a dog caregiver and your mission is to serve clients dogs. If caters very well to customers` pets get a good tip
Dog Wash at Hotel
These girls in a hair salon and I have asked you to do the facial for a lady. Do well and let him face super shiny. Interact with the mouse
Clean skin
All students and teachers of this school has to raise money for school reform as it is in ruins and can collapse at any time. You have to clean all the cars that are at the bottom of the screen
Wash Cars
Got a new job in this city so unique: Collect organic waste from daily life. Press the left mouse button to select the area you want to go. You can also arrange a route
Clean area
The patio is very dirty and your duty is to clean without disturbing others. You have to clean around the yard without stepping on others. Clean in the shortest time possible to pass level
Clean Mania
Spend some time choosing a nice dress for this dog and its owner. Comb and dress the characters you see in the picture
A day at the spa for dogs
What do puppies like to take care of cats and dogs? Well now you have several puppies and cats, you have to take care and pamper you to make this happy. Have fun!
Take care of my puppies
This cat needs your help because he needs a good washing, combing, drying and may require a vaccine. You also have to make a bed so you can take a nap
Pet Care: Cats
Sofia has a tough job and needs your help to help him clean and tidy all rooms in the castle. Clean around the room before time runs out
Sofia clean the kingdom
Our friend Dora the Explorer have punished him for littering school class, now have to clean the whole school and ordered all school materials. Help Dora to clean up before it is too late
Dora clean school
Have exclusive beauty salon for cats, everyone will want you ASEES the cat and pick a nice hat and a pretty necklace
Wash dirty cats