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Have a good time taking care of the most exotic zoo animals. Clean the area where these animals, whimsy, look after them and dress them live with the most beautiful clothes in the dressing room to find play Taking care of zoo animals

Taking care of zoo animals

If you like animals. In this game you learn to care for all animals on feed and keep them happy to know play Taking care of animals

Taking care of animals

In this game you have to feed the panda with a delicious orange. Think how the panda receive your orange. You can get it! play Feed the Panda

Feed the Panda

In this game you have to feed the monsters who want to eat the sheep. Spear meat explosive to kill all the monsters and save the sheep play Feed the monsters

Feed the monsters

In this game you have to take care of a baby, you have to prepare food, feed, clothe and play with. Enjoy yourself watching this cute baby play Feed and clothe a baby

Feed and clothe a baby

Play this Digimon game where you have to teleport to another dimension and it needs your help, you have to reach the portal that takes you to the next level play Digimon


Play this great game of skill where you have to dunk the eggs in the nest without breaking. Aim and throw the eggs so that layup in the nest. Be careful with the traps! play Robbed Eggs 2

Robbed Eggs 2

You have to collect the eggs of chickens. Juggle the basket from one side to another without eggs will fall to the ground. Interact with the mouse play Collect eggs

Collect eggs

You`re a great coach Digimon but now you`re on your way a great challenge. Agumon has a date with a Digimon and you want to put good- looking. Help him to dress for an event of this nature.
Digimon Agumon
Play this fun game where you must create your own Easter eggs. You have to feed and drink for the hen to egg, then sews the eggs and finally painted eggs any color you want the rabbit to move from level
Easter Eggs
Manage this snake to its target but care will grow increasingly more
Digimon Disnake
You must make this puzzle to know what the original picture, trust me it is worth trying. If you really like Digimon.
Digimon puzzle
Think and assembles the puzzle of digimon. The end result is worth seeing, for it will interact with the mouse.
Digimon, puzzle
Help Dora the Explorer has been collecting eggs to decorate Easter eggs. Search for all the standard eggs, take them home to decorate eggs
Dora and Easter eggs
Create your own Easter eggs with this fun mini game and using the mouse
Create Easter eggs
Mario and Yoshi need your help to help him save the eggs have Yoshi, you have to contrive to get the eggs rolling towards the basket without damaging them. Can you save Yoshi eggs?
Mario Bros Yoshi eggs saved
This puppy wants to play with him and also wants you to be all clean wash. If you prefer, you can choose a nice dress
Take care of your dog
Play as the oculist of these children you see in the picture. Explore the eyes of the guys lovingly careful not to hurt and heal sick eyes
Eye Care
You should care for this pet as best you can.
Pet Care
New shooter game, this time the target is the target that is hanging from the balloons, sharpen your aim and shoot, remember that some balloons carry clocks, if you manage to reach some of them have more overtime.
What do puppies like to take care of cats and dogs? Well now you have several puppies and cats, you have to take care and pamper you to make this happy. Have fun!
Take care of my puppies
This cat needs your help because he needs a good washing, combing, drying and may require a vaccine. You also have to make a bed so you can take a nap
Pet Care: Cats
Take care with love this baby Easter where you have to bathe, dress and choose a nice hairstyle. Surely with your experience of caring for babies you`ll do fine
Easter baby care
Take care with love this puppy. You`ve found this abandoned in the streets where you live and now you have to take care of puppy. Bathe, comb and dress this puppy with the prettiest clothes to find
Cute Puppy Care
Bear you a very rebellious and want to kill all the Care Bears with your gun, but be careful because these bears also can defend. Kill all the Care Bears before it is too late to join and can kill you
Slaughter of Care Bears
Care of the baby Smurf best you can. Try the baby has a good time playing to not get angry and put to mourn
Care of the baby Smurf
In this game Barbie has to look lovingly at her unicorn and dressing for country walks. Wash the unicorn, combing her beautiful hair and do not forget to choose a nice dress for our friend Barbie
Barbie takes care of the Unicorn